I propose a small diagram that will no doubt facilitate to conceptualize this entity that represents our ego. However, I allow myself to offer you a brief reminder:

The ego is not a fixed instance of our personality, it is in fact a dynamic process that is built up as we experience and the emotions that flow from it. We are very attached to all these impressions because they give us the sensation of existing. This proscessus is gradually constituted in five stages.

1 – Differentiation: Before the birth of the ego (at the beginning of life or lives for those who adhere to this conception), at the beginning, the spirit in the first moment is pure energy. Gradually settles a difference between the subject we are becoming and the object we are looking at. But for Buddhists, for example, this differentiation must be considered as an illusion.

2 – The sensation-identification: of this differentiation, the sensations evoked above are born: pleasant, disagreeable or indifferent. The sensation is conceptualized, recognized and named.

3 – The reaction: the subject reacts to the situation.

4 – Experience-integration: the subject makes his experience.

5 – Consciousness: the subject organizes in his consciousness the result of the experiences he experiences and appropriates them completely.

This structuring of the ego is thus done by the formation of these five stages which are repeated from moment to moment of consciousness. The phenomenon is constantly reproducing.

Our impressions or “samskharas”

Through our sense organs, life constantly gives us impressions and emotions. We react to these impressions and our reactions lead to other impressions. Over time, we are caught in a solid gang of impressions that clutter our memory, condition us, prevent us from thinking and acting freely. This “carapace” is responsible for most of our prejudices and hinders our access to the Light that inhabits our inner space, this energy, this gentle vibration that is the essence of life.

As you have understood, there is a parallelism, a kinship, even an identity between the formation of the ego and the process of constitution of impressions.

The Heartfulness Meditation allows us, through the process of yogic transmission, to purify our inner being, and thus to come into contact with this source of inner Light. If she interacts with our ego, she is not a practice that will annihilate our personality. This meditation, by refocusing it induces in us, uses our ego to regulate the mind and incite us to the right thought and therefore to the right action.

Because “By changing oneself, one can change the world “.

Meditation is the common bed of the universal intimate experience and, as such, the most favorable ground for dialogue between men, whether in a religious or secular setting.

From Dialogue will be born Peace. source