“Children of the Earth, every minute of life you begin your transition, every time you move, every time you understand, you are preparing for the transition.

The word “transition” makes you think of absolutely extraordinary things! However, the most extraordinary is what you live in the moment, what you integrate, your new understanding of life and yourself through your experiences.

When we talk about experiences, it’s not just about difficult experiences. Positive experiences, too, are changing dramatically. At the present time, you have the impression to evolve only through difficult experiences. Being happy is much more important! You can enormously evolve in happiness! You have not understood that being happy makes you evolve and you do not feel like you are evolving when you are happy.

We tell you this: a happy human being raises his vibratory frequency! A happy human spreads vibrations of joy and love all around him. and makes all those around him awaken automatically, he has a more or less strong impact on others.

We return to the notion of transition. Of course, there will be the big transition, but before we can live it humans will have to prepare. Once again, every moment of existence prepares you there, unless you are completely responsive to your society, your life and what you think is an injustice (even if it is really unfair to you).

So, if you are not responsive to your life, you move every day, without even realizing it.

Many beings, including us, have told you about this famous transition; many other channels have received information about this.

The transition corresponds to the levels of consciousness. When there are enough levels of consciousness that will resonate at the same time in unity and Love, something extraordinary will happen on Earth. “

They show me a kind of big bang, something that will suddenly and that will transport us into something else, into another reality, (but not necessarily about another world), but into another reality of ourselves and of life. .

Before arriving at this “bang”, this explosion, this immense light which will dazzle the world and illuminate it in a considerable way, it will be necessary that it has purification, and of yourselves and the world.

It is not a question of privilege: human beings who have not prepared themselves (for whatever reason) will remain on the other side of the veil. They will not perceive the Light, they will not be able to live in another reality because they will not have been prepared at the level of their consciousness and even at all levels, spiritual or otherwise.

Again, it does not matter because time does not exist. Although it may seem long to you, a human life has no reality. We like to say that a human life lasts only the time of an expire. However, it sometimes seems very long to humans!

The transition is here! You want to be told how the transition will be; the transition can only be told in the way we talk about it. There will be a big “bang”. Things will happen at once, and everyone who is ready will make the leap. In fact, it will be like a quantum leap, it will really move into another reality of consciousness and life. At that moment, humans will no longer be in the third dimension with all its heavy constraints, with all its experiences sometimes very difficult (and terrifying for some inhabitants of the Earth). Everything will be much lighter.

The air will be lighter The light will be brighter! Everything will seem totally different! There will be more heaviness in thoughts, or even physically. Everything will be transformed, but by your will and of course with the help of your brothers of Light, great Hierarchies who take care of the Earth and also the help of your galactic brothers.

That’s what we can say about this transition. We would like to add: prepare it in you! Love! Do you like The key to getting ready for the transition is: love and love yourself! Free yourself from your imprisonment in suffering. Free yourself from all this and you will see that at that moment you will be ready!

Humans may not all be at the same time. There will be levels; there will suddenly be an immense light. Some will perceive it as an immense light; others will perceive it much less dazzling because they will not be sufficiently prepared and released.

Of course we could talk more about the transition, but it would not bring you anything more.

We tell you: Get ready! We will then do what we will have to do!