You are invited to attend this FREE webinar through the official portal of Grigori Grabovoi titled, “Thought – a living, creative structure of the universe”, taught by Евгения Узюкина, English translations by Monnie Ramsell and Delia Dykes. We shall embark on a scientific and spiritual journey together to discover what is our physical reality. How is our reality constructed and how to manage it? It will be a great opportunity for us to explore together the work of Grigori Grabovoi, a scientist who is born clairvoyant. Here is the access link to the webinar.

Date and time: US – Friday 10/7 at 9pm Pacific time.
India – Saturday 10/8 at 9:30am Mumbai time.
Australia – Saturday 10/8 at 3pm Melbourne time.
Europe – Saturday 10/8 at 6am CEST.


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