There are many ways to use your crystal. A lot of people hold them while they meditate as a charge of Universal Energy. Others use a crystal cluster to protect and energize a room, TarotMeisterand a nice quartz cluster matches any decor. They can be used in healing, for others, or on yourself, and as a way of sending therapeutic energy out into the universe. You might use it to harmonize and stimulate all of your body’s energy centers. The more you use your crystal/s, the more purposes you’ll find for them.

Using Your Crystal for Meditation

In meditation, your crystal can be used as an amplifier of crystal energy. One method of use is to lie down for meditation and position your crystal on your third eye center,a point, just above the bridge of your nose and between your eyebrows. It relaxes this spiritual center and helps you to meditate more deeply.

Visualize your crystal taking radiant energy out of the cosmos and refracting it into the primary colors of the spectrum – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Beginning with red, fill your aura and body with red, nourishing your earthy centers. Let the red liquefy into orange and then, after a while, to yellow. When you’re full, let the yellow light slowly dissolve into green, wait–and and then to blue. The blue becomes purple or violet. And, finally, allow your whole “self” to fill with the radiant, white light of Spirit. Your body and soul need all these colors and crystal can help you to absorb them.

You might also try this technique with the crystal held in your left hand, (your receiving hand). The two ways are equally effective. The most significant thing is that you develop the capacity to visualize clearly and distinctly.

Using Your Crystal To Illuminate Your Chakras

The above exercize helps to clear and stimulate your chakras but, for a more specific approach, try it this way: Lie on your back comfortably; perhaps you’ll want to use your preferred meditation technique to become fully at ease.

Now: Begin your Chakra Meditation

1st, The Root Chakra: place your crystal on your pubic region and envision it soaking up glorious, white illumination from above. “See” this white light being refracted by your crystal into a brilliant red light which illuminates your lower body, from pubis to lower spine . “Feel” this light energizing you materially, sexually and physically. Hold on to this image and feeling until you can feel the pubic area totally filled with this red energy. (On all these visualizations see the light as being brilliant and totally clear.)

2nd, The Naval or Sacral Chakra: Put your crystal on your naval, this time the light is brilliant orange glowing from your crystal and flowing all the way through your body from naval to your spine, filling the whole area. Again, maintain the visualization until you feel energized.

3rd, The Solar Plexus Chakra: Lay your crystal on your solar plexus, that “V” where your ribs meet just below your breast bone. Again, visualize your crystal absorbing the brilliant spiritual white light from above, this time refracting it into a bright, clear yellow light, filling your body in a ball of yellow light from your solar plexus through to your spine, cleaning you, energizing you, filling you . When this feels complete, go on to the next chakra.

4th, The Heart Chakra: Place your crystal in the middle of your chest, filling you with bright green light, enlightening your heart, lungs, your entire chest back to your spine. Feel it filling you with courage, confidence and love. And, continue this until it feels right.

5th, The Throat Chakra: Place your crystal on the “V” at the bottom of your throat. The refracted light will be brilliant, clear blue this time, filling your entire throat and neck with blue energy. “Know” that this is helping you better understand and communicate with everyone you know and meet, bringing you closer to your fellow-human. When it feels complete, move on.

6th, The Brow Chakra: The location of this chakra is above the bridge of your nose, in between your eyebrows. To metaphysicians, it is known, as the third eye, or pineal eye. Place your crystal here and visualize it filling your head with a bright purple or violet light. Feel the tingle between your eyes as this happens. Know, deep within, that this violet light brings you closer and closer to knowing the Spiritual Self within you, generating energy to your intuitive and psychic abilities generating energy to your psychic and intuitive abilities. As you do this, you’ll feel a great upliftment deep within. Feel it; enjoy it! Don’t rush things here; it is a very important step; be sure to experience it all. When it is done, you’ll know it’s time to move along.

7th, The Crown Chakra: This is the chakra that ties everything up for you, your connection with Universal Energy. It’s at the top of your head, and extends upward and outward , making a very real connection with Universal Creative Intelligence. From your lying down position, Place your crystal above your head as close to the top of your head as you can get it. Now, in your mind’s eye, visualize your crystal drawing Universal White Light into itself and transferring it into you through your Crown Chakra. Feel your head and then your whole body filling up with this beautiful light energy. Feel it as it travels down your spine, energizing the chakras as it flows downward; then reversing its flow, bring it back up your spine. Know that each chakra is using the part/color of the white light it needs to build your whole body’s energy higher and higher. Believe it to be true and the process is complete!

Using Your Crystal To Energize And Heal Yourself

Attain a deep sense of relaxation through your favorite meditation technique. Now, with your crystal in your left hand, (your receiving hand) visualize the Universal Healing White Light entering your crystal and filling it with vital energy . Feel this energy as it moves up your arm, all through your body and to the area you’re working on. Envision it filling the area and feel the sensation as a healing warmth. When you feel that the area is full of healing warmth and light , “know” the healing is complete. Now, let go and let the Universe do its job, reacting to your instructions.

If you’re not healing a specific ailment, then feel the vitalizing energy filling your whole body and mind with healing light. “Know” that this is energizing your mind and body. “Feel” the Universal Light filling you with all the energy and strength you could ever need . Feel it! Know it is true, and it is! stay in your meditative state for a short time, drinking in the vitality. Then return to your normal consciousness, feeling envigorated, and continue with whatever you need to do . You are filled with the energy of the Universe!

Using Your Crystal To Heal Others

This is when a crystal wand is very useful; it concentrates the healing energy to where you point it. Mine is 5.6 inches long and is pure natural quartz crystal, a great healing tool. Clear your mind and enter a meditative state. When you’re deeply relaxed, envision the person you are healing as if he or she was standing, sitting or lying right in front of you, of course, if Crystal Wand he or she actually IS right there with you, skip this step. Hold the crystal in your right hand (your sending hand) and visualize the healing light flowing into it and filling it to overflowing. When your crystal feels fully energized to you, it is, hold it in front of you, pointing it at your envisioned subject, or the subject him/her self if they’re present. Now, WILL the energy to shoot out of the crystal and straight into your subject. “See” it filling his or her body and “know” that he or she is being filled with this healing light and brought back to perfection . Know it to be true with no doubt in your mind and the healing is complete!

It is a metaphysical principal to never perform a healing on anyone without their permission. You have no way of knowing what karmic involvement is served by this illness or accident. If you hinder someone’s karma, you take on their karma yourself. Very many times, a spiritual healer has successfully healed someone with ever being invited to do so to find themselves ill with the same condition. By getting their permission you protect yourself from that.


There are many, many ways of putting your crystal to work in improving your life! I would suggest further reading on the subject. Remember, the more you put your crystal/s to work, the more uses you’ll find for them.