You are invited to attend this FREE webinar through the official portal Grigori Grabovoi DOO titled, “The True Status of the World is Eternal Life”, taught by Евгения Узюкина, English translations by Monnie Ramsell and Delia Dykes. In this Part 2 of our two parts webinar we will explore the Creation of the Soul and the Physical Body as well as presenting the “Health Formula”. It will be a great opportunity for us to explore together the work of Grigori Grabovoi, a scientist who is born clairvoyant. Here is the access link to the webinar.

Date and time: US – Friday 10/21 at 9pm Pacific time.
India – Saturday 10/22 at 9:30am Mumbai time.
Australia – Saturday 10/22 at 3pm Melbourne time.
Europe – Saturday 10/22 at 6am CEST.

If this is your first time attending webinar at Grigori Grabovoi Doo, go to this link to create an account.


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