Will the World End in 2012? Read Here for the Answer!

Rumors are rife around the world about 2012 end of the world. News channel, websites, movies, music videos are constantly adding to this phenomenon. Yet, consolidation of the fact is absent. Scientists and scholars from around the globe are debating and trying to consolidate or deny the Mayan calendar prediction. Due to the soaring argument it has created a doubt, fear and curiosity among the general public to know the truth behind it. People are trying their best to console themselves, by referring to various reliable and non reliable sources like websites, blogs, etc. in search of truth about their future and human civilization.

Everyone around the world is talking about Mayans calendar, but only a handful know who the Mayans were. The History of Mayan culture is as old as 3000BC. With time they evolved as an agricultural tribal people, comprising of religious, political and scientific culture toward their end. They were also an imperative part of human evolution. They developed various cities and pyramids to embed their culture forever in the fabric of history. With the evolution of mankind, civilization of Mayans began disappearing. Mayans were one the first to introduce calendar systems. They developed the most mechanical and advanced calendar based on 26,000 year astronomical cycle of the Pleiades. But despite several meaningful contributions, Mayans are remembered for the most controversial phenomenon of the century, regarding prediction about December 21st 2012.

Mayans 2012

Recently a movie was created based on this subject, according to which December 21, 2012 end of the world will invite massive earthquakes, gargantuan tidal waves, and enormous volcanoes that will disturb humanity and will result in the end of the human civilization. The movie has created doubt as well as given a hope that it is not the complete end of the world yet. But the movie has had a positive aspect, that if true and detailed information about the 2012 calendar prediction can be obtained; precautionary measures can be taken to save humanity.

It is imperative for every person to know the truth, whether December 21, 2012 end of the world is true or not? Finding authentic information is essential. Therefore one should obtain information from reliable sources only; as many authenticated sources are providing adulterated information which might not be entirely true or will significantly differ from reality. According to many, Mayan calendar 2012 end of world refers to end of humanity and but according to others it is end of current civilization and beginning of a new opportunity for humanity and beginning of a New age.

To end the curiosity before the 2012 end of the world many have dedicated their hours and weeks and months and gained all the possible information and have made it available for people after scrutinising and consolidation to brief people about their future and human civilization in relation to the Mayan calendar 2012 prediction. Their research is available in textual as well as visual presentation for the convenience of people to learn about the history, functioning and truth about the Mayans calendar.
Gregory Naysmith