When we live in an unhealthy situation, we may be tempted to tolerate everything a little longer, to wait for the moment when things will improve. Because we take for granted, of course, that this moment will come … We say that if it was only frustration after frustration, the sun will necessarily shine. Life would not dare give us a 25th disappointment after the 24th – especially when we gave so much. We know that nature is made like this … There are always highs and lows, so if there has been a lot of stockings, there will necessarily be a high if we are patient. One can suffer a long time, thus, to wait for the high hoped for, the harvest of all that one sowed. And there is a certain wisdom in that … Indeed, everything tends to improve, and all that goes down eventually.

It’s just that sometimes it can not go back through the situation we’re hanging on. And yes, if we do not change anything, it could well be a 25th disappointment after the 24th, and even a 571st after the 570th. That said, it is not life that serves us all these disappointments, but us, choosing the status quo. Is he hiding behind your hope and optimism of fears that you prefer not to confront, difficult gestures that you dare not ask? If so, I invite you to reorient your heart and your mind in this direction, very slowly. And to remind you that losing hope in one thing never, never means losing hope in life. Have a good day!