It is not because you have been living something forever that it is your destiny. It is not because it is directly in front of you that it has been “placed in your path” and that you have to live with it without changing anything. It’s not because the same thing comes to you again and again that you have to open your arms automatically. Yes, we know that sometimes life seems to speak to us and guide us through the flow of events. That said, the circumstances are usually a reflection of our old patterns and our beliefs rather than our potential and the real possibilities. And if we let ourselves be defined by what “comes to us” or by what is familiar to us, we will be well, well limited. The truth is in you. Nowhere else. If the things that come up echo what’s in you, all the better – it’s delicious to have such confirmation.

But otherwise, what “comes to you” is perhaps nothing more than an opportunity to learn to say no.