Astral Projection is out-of-the-body experience and it can be managed by any of us. There are absolutely no sensational skills needed in order to perform astral projection. The practical experience you will receive from astral will be deeply remembered until the rest of your life. Once you learn how to do it, you will “get hooked” by astral undoubtedly.

What is Astral Projection ?

This is traveling in time in a way that no one can describe but can experience it. What goes on during astral is the mind travels away from the body. Astral masters use their skills to go in time as in past, present and future times. All of this may appear excessively weird or some type of a movie script but all this is true and real.

How you would perform astral?

To be able to perform astral, you’ve got to be very relaxed and in lay down position. When you lay down you close your eyes and start breathing with the chest. It’s really important you breath only with the chest and not your stomach. Inhale deeply when you lift the chest up and then release the air breathing out as much air as possible. Be sure you do not over do this so you feel some form of chest pain. Continue breathing until you have a complete sense and control over breathing. Once you get to that point of control, breathing becomes natural as you do not think anymore about that.

As soon as you get to that point you will be under the hypnosis but not in astral yet. Once you hear a noise as running water – do not get scared. You have to start picturing your mind but in a way like setting up a hologram of your head. Begin to imagine as somebody else is drawing your head. Once you complete the hologram of your head continue drawing the rest of your body but not as detailed as the head.

An additional step should be to lift your body up. First, what you ought to do is see as your body is laying down the drawn body is slowly dropping on to the floor. This is basically the point where the mind is the leading factor, not the body. You should be seeing this as from somebody else’s eyes, like being a witness to all this not a participant.

As soon as the body drops on to the floor, making use of your mind you start lifting the body up on its feet. This stage proves the strength of mind over the physical power of the body. Upon having the body taking a stand on its feet – you are under the hypnosis of astral. You can now start traveling and there are no limits where you can go to. You really have to experience astral projection to be able to believe all this. It is definitely the best experience.

Masters of astral can even take another person under astral projection without them realizing that. That’s how powerful this meditation can be. Nowadays you will discover monks in China which all they do is practicing astral. For them astral is nature, the meaning of astral is how you can be nature. Traveling in time always has been a part of physics and there is no law of physics which says time traveling is impossible.
Vincent Lee