What you can expect using the quantum device created by Grigori Grabovoi

1. Opening of the clairvoyance. You will be able to see real life sceneries at any distance and in any time.

2. Developing of forecasting control. You will be able to see events that will happen to you in the future and correct them in the best direction, with Grabovoi’s control methods .

3. Developing of your consciousness. Man with a well- developed consciousness, has no limits. A developed consciousness can create any reality, space and time included . A well- developed consciousness, belongs to spiritually fully realized persons. A developed consciousness goes hand in hand with spiritual development .
It is already known that:

“With a spiritual approach, incurable diseases, do not exist, they basically do not exist at all…Any disease can be considered as the consequence of lack of harmony with the world. Death is essentially also a disease, perhaps more serious, but it is still a disease and it is not incurable…”(Grigori Grabovoi)

4. Biological rejuvenation. Immortality.

5. New sights and perception , conscious life in other dimensions.
Who is interested in taking the test with Grigori Grabovoi, can schedule, writing an email to globalsalvationorg@gmail.com
You can schedule if you want to purchase at least a quota of the device PRK-1U which is 1.220 euros.

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