The device for development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U is a unique opportunity to develop, with the help of the device, your consciousness and spirit. The device will enable you to move to a new way of life, helping to develop your consciousness, controlling clairvoyance, controlling forecasting, to hold a course of rejuvenation.

There are no analogues of this device in the world.

The device was created by Grigori Grabovoi on the basis of two currently effective patented inventions of Grigori Grabovoi “Method for prevention of catastrophes and device for its realization” and “The Information Carrying System”.

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Everyone knows that the thought is material. With the help of thinking, by structuring your consciousness, you can change your events for the better, you can restore your health, you can help others, and so on. But if consciousness and the spirit are not structured sufficiently to ensure that the thoughts have quickly come true, it turns out, that it is possible to develop them to the desired level. For this, Russian scientist Grigori Grabovoi developed a unique device for development of concentrations PRK-1U. It is possible to develop your spirit and your consciousness with the help of this device. And this means health and favorable life events, and not only for yourself, but for other people as well. It is also possible, using the PRK-1U, to develop controlling clairvoyance and the controlling forecasting. But most importantly, what the device was created for, is to ensure eternal life for you and all, therefore, it develops a lot of opportunities of the individual.

In the development of the concentration of rejuvenation in eternal life using PRK-1U, the processes of rejuvenation are faster due to the fact that there is a direct contact control with the matter of eternal life, which carries with it the possibility of the young state of the organism. At the same time, the rejuvenating effect lasts continuously, generally quite a long time. In other words, the personal rejuvenation mechanisms are turned on, which are often turned on, when a sort of boost is required. Therefore, they are natural mechanisms, which are peculiar exactly to the capability of the Soul, the Spirit of man, Consciousness of man, his physiological capabilities.

The current model of device PRK-1U is designed according to individual data of the user, but the one who works with the device, can work on the tasks of others. In the structure of control on this device, the user is the person, for whom the device is configured. He can also connect other people to the work and at the same time work on his own. That is, the user can work either alone or simultaneously with others.
The practice shows that both methods of use of the device, that is, direct, when the device is near you, and remote, for example, through Skype or webcam, are equally effective.

The practice of use of PRK-1U confirms that numerous information flows appear, that is, there may be some following new information systems that enable a person to understand deeper what is happening on some specific issues, and due to this to take a better decision in control. The contact with the matter of eternal life, which is manifested in the instrumentation of eternal life, can condition a certain quite specific level and algorithm for solving many of the situations from the point of view of eternal life.

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