The first method is based on the fact that any equipment should operate eternally exactly in the instrumentation of eternal life. Therefore, when you work according to the functions of the device, such as the development of concentrations of eternal life for any event, it is necessary to provide a control, referring to the fact that in the future you will be able either to use the device directly, or when it is not present physically near you, it will be possible just to remember it at that moment, (at that moment when you were working with it) and re-enable the operation of the device.

The current model of device PRK-1U is designed according to individual data, but the one who works with the device, can work on the tasks of others. Therefore, it is possible to show the second method of use in the structure of control in line with the device, where it is possible, at the moment of control, directly on the part of the people who work individually with the device, for whom the device is configured, to connect the work of others, and at the same time to work independently. That is, it is possible to work either alone or at the same time: the person who works with this device and others so to speak with him.

The practice shows that both the direct use of the device, that is, when the device is near, and the remote use, for example, via Skype, is the same. Therefore, when the device, for example, is configured for eight people, it is possible to turn the device on and display the image on Skype, and eight people will be able to work simultaneously. At the same time, each one will be able to work individually, that is, at any desired time for him.

Thus, we can add on the third method of the device application, that when the control with the device is undertaken, when there is a collective work, and moreover each one can have his own goals as well as the overall goals, it possible to apply such a law of development of the Collective Consciousness, when the experience, knowledge and positive results of other people can be used as a positive experience, and an amplification of the effectiveness of concentrations and control.

Thus, we can consider, for example, the fourth method of use of the device of concentrations development, where, taking into account the possibility of both a remote, and direct use of the device, to identify such a function in the device, as the development of cognition through the generation of namely the matter and modulation of the matter of eternal life. That is to try, for example, using the development of concentrations of eternal life for controlling clairvoyance and for controlling forecasting, due to the fact that the device generates this matter of eternal life, the field of eternal life, try to solve some of the most urgent tasks with the help of this range, this field eternal life.

In the practice of use of device PRK-1U numerous information flows appear, that is, some following new information systems may appear, which enable person to understand deeper what is happening on some specific issues, and due to this to take a better decisions in the control. In the instrumentation of eternal life, the contactability with the matter of eternal life may condition a certain, quite specific level and algorithm for solving many of the situations from the point of view of the eternal life.

And the fifth method of the device application is that, given that the device enables to strengthen different abilities and develop them, and namely, the abilities to provide eternal life, then, in this method, it is possible to use a variety of structures of simultaneous control, such as the development of the concentration of eternal life for controlling clairvoyance and simultaneously for controlling forecasting. And at that it is possible to visualize the two levels of informational controlling flow, quickly compare them, and to get the most effective elements; practically, due to this, the efficiency of the control than can be enhanced significantly.

For manufacturing and using the device PRK-1U according Sub-license agreement you need first of all to send on e- mail an Application for testing the device by the applicant or group of applicants.

An Application form and all documents for testing you can download on this link:

The testing of the device is carried out by the applicants at distance via Skype, in accordance with the patent of Grigori Grabovoi: “Information Carrying System”.

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