Here is a short thought on the subject, in order to clarify their respective roles:

“The intellect (masculine) and the heart (feminine) are complementary faculties. The intellect possesses light, and it can thus observe, study, alert … While the heart, which possesses warmth, gives the momentum to act and to make things progress. The image of the boat can give us a good schematic idea of their complementary functions. High above on the bridge, let us say that there is the captain ; it is him who sees, indicates the direction to take, sends out the orders. Below, in the lower decks, are the machinists ; they do not see anything, but they are the ones in charge of propulsion, and if they do not wish to obey, the boat will not move. In order for the boat to travel in a secure way and on the right path, they must all unite together : the captain and the machinists. Such are also the natures and the roles of the intellect and the heart. The intellect is superior in the field of vision, the heart is superior in the field of impulsion.”
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov