It is pleasant and helpful to have some friends, but we must admit that enemies are also very helpful. Yes, if you study the question closely, you will understand that, in certain circumstances, your enemies are actually your real friends.

Since they are merciless, they will spare you nothing and emphasize everything that goes wrong.

You might say, ‘Often they do exaggerate!’ Yes it is true, but that does not matter, for they act as microscopes, which are sometimes very necessary; every day scientists use microscopes, and this allows them to see details that would otherwise go unnoticed.
Therefore if you really want to improve yourself, instead of bearing a grudge against your enemies, you must acknowledge the help they give you.

It is they who force you to work, to mend your ways, and find solutions to the problems they raise. And thanks to them, you thus become wiser and stronger.
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov