Many religions say God is like a fire, but we do not know a great deal about this fire except that it is of an unbearable intensity and power. It is the fire of the pure Spirit, and all forms melt and are destroyed upon contact with it.

All those who have been embraced by this fire, have melted into it and merged into one flame.
Much has been written about the experience of mystics and the explanations given are often very complicated. But in fact, they are very simple – the experience of mystics is the experience of fire, of the sacred fire.

A person who has lit this divine fire within them feeds it every day by throwing pieces of their lower nature into it, in the same way that we throw wood into the fire. Watch a fire burn: all the pieces of dead wood that were until then separate, dispersed and useless, are united in one and the same light, and one and the same heat, and they become incandescent like the fire itself.

Similarly, by offering their lower instincts in sacrifice to the fire of the spirit, mystics know what God is, the divine fire, because they will become like him.
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov