In this phase of bifurcation and dark night of the collective soul for the human race which will gradually switch to another reality of perception, and in another perception of reality; we will also switch to higher levels of accountability and maturity.

Indeed, the switch to a cosmic citizenship is a process that requires the individual to have exited the mental control perpetuated on this planet that we call a “prison planet”, and reconnected to the higher aspects of his eternal identity, in order to reconnect to the multidimensional reality of existence, and to the fact that we co-existed with multitudes of other races in the Universe.

When we live in the belief that we will die definitively at the end of our human existence, it does not encourage us to feel responsible for our impact on the rest of the world and above all, the universe. The “You only live once” philosophy is actually a Luciferian philosophy, based on the maximum consumption of the resources available on Earth and emotions available, without worrying about the consequences of our thoughts, acts , and words and about ourselves and the rest of the world.

We do not live once, and all humans now incarnated on Earth, have already lived thousands and thousands of lives, both on Earth and often elsewhere.

Only on Earth, individuals were forced to reincarnate, in the last 26,000 years, by a process of capturing souls to death and erasing memory by electroshock, and then being sent back to Earth to serve as a new weapon. energy food and what we can call “cash cow”, since everything is exploited in humans, from birth to death.

Even though many humans feel free, they are actually enslaved from birth to death, without understanding the extent of it; and above all, without understanding that this is the case very often for many lives. All these years of suffering, amnesia and disconnection have resulted in many traumas in humans and the level of mental control perpetuated on Earth, many do not even want to consciously free themselves.

The advanced races responsible for the recovery and liberation of Stargates allowing the entrances and exits of this matrix of universal time (that is to say, the structure gathering all the dimensions of this Universe) and thus allowing access to neighboring Universes from which come in particular the races Indigos and Starseeds who came to assist the human race during this crucial phase of Ascension; continue to anchor christic frequencies all around the planet, with the help of the ground crews who are doing work on planetary grids by their ability to hold organic living light, and who act as antennas. The indigos / starseeds are subjected to multiple pressures not to reactivate their real missions and internal knowledge, but an acceleration of the reconnections is now noted, as more galactic representatives manage to maintain their frequency of pulsation of the light Chrism / Krystic (to understand here: the light of Crystal and not any connection with the religions on Earth).

Christ Light / Crystal Light / Plasma Light represents the energetic reality in the higher dimensions not infiltrated by alien machinery and the artificial intelligence responsible for the energy nets previously placed all around the Earth and within all Stargates (Iraq, Baghdad, Giza, Jerusalem, Macchu Picchu, Bermuda, Stonehenge, Monsegur-France, Kauai …) with the aim of creating ghost spaces aimed at capturing millions of souls and keeping humans disconnected from the rest of the world. Cosmos and their true origins and cosmic families.

Many sufficiently reactivated indigos / starseeds are permanently sent to certain key points on the surface of the Earth (and even elsewhere especially during their sleep), to anchor these Plasma frequencies and thus allow the Krystal / Christ architecture to descend on Earth, with the help of multitudes of inter and extra-dimensional beings and cosmic races advanced in assistance around the Earth in this phase of Ascension and Liberation. In the early days, this work does not need to be done “consciously” by the individual who feels simply called to go to such or such place, following his heart. In fact, he is sent on a mission to this specific point (or in a group) to perform this work on the planetary grids, being a point stationed at a certain place in the field, to allow the races in assistance, to create channels of light allowing the rerouting and the liberation of many souls stuck here for thousands of years, or for the accompaniment of the souls releasing their physical body at this moment and in the next years to come. Many who fail to ascend their Ascension process consciously, not wishing to let go of their beliefs or perception of reality, especially if it was solely self-service based, will decide to perform this Ascension during their process of healing. transition (letting go of their physical body).

The concept of Responsibility is very important in this phase, since the fact that many races assist the human race in its release, does not mean that we have no personal work to do for ourselves to allow this liberation by Consciousness, and access to higher dimensions of our eternal being. Putting the notion of Responsibility at the heart of our concerns is the key that allows the passage to emotional control, and therefore spiritual maturity.

Ascension is this process of mastering our primary emotions, to allow us to access, through this mastery and thus healing, the structure of our soul, and progressively, our Avatar self; which is actually the analogy of the phrase, “to bring down the kingdom of God on earth”. In other words, to bring down the highest aspects of our eternal essences and the plans on which they exist, here down on Earth in such a dense dimension, to rewrite over misery and suffering.

This misery and suffering are not natural; and are not the result of simple human errors, but rather an apposition of will of other races in conflict for millions of years, with the Original Creation, with God, with the Christ Consciousness and against the Universal Laws.

These races have themselves chosen the path of non-empowerment, feeling beyond the Laws, and constantly finding ways to escape their karma, including using artificial intelligence and siphoning the vital force of other living creatures enslaved and colonized to keep alive.

Living on the basis of parasitism, they have reached a degree of dependence on other living beings such that they are ready to do anything to maintain their functional system, and are constantly fighting the Indigos / starseeds, and galactic representatives present on Earth for the prevent them from doing their job.

To avoid falling into their many pitfalls, the indigos / starseeds must also expressly develop their maturity and especially Wisdom, in order to be able to discern these attempts to make them consent to thoughts, attitudes, and practices in fact contrary to their essence and what they came to represent and embody. When an indigo / starseed corrupts, in reality he consents to submit the Christ consciousness under the authority of the Luciferian and Satanic consciousnesses, which can have immense repercussions on the collective coming in expedition.

Christic intervention forces come in groups and work under Unity Consciousness. Since we are part of a group, we can not continue to exist under the energetic principle of self-service, and fall under the energetic reality of Service to Others, ie Group Consciousness; since we are aware that our actions influence the reality of others, and we bear full responsibility for it.

Many Indigos / Starseeds, once here, forget who they are and why they are here, and are subject to the same mental control programs as the rest of humans, with the same erasure of memory. That said, they are born with more potentially activated strands of DNA since they represent the potential for development for the human race and its future. That said, these strands must be reactivated organically and through personal work based on integrity, the qualities of the Heart, the Will of the Soul, and the development of Inner Wisdom.

The process of DNA activation can only be done externally, without the inner correspondence of the individual in terms of expansion of Consciousness.

The expansion of Consciousness can not be artificially created, under penalty of causing serious bodily and auric damage to the individual, which will automatically have repercussions on his Consciousness.

The organic Ascension can not be done by shortcuts, sought when we do not want to take our responsibilities, ie the responsibility of our own evolution, healing, and recovery of all the pieces of ourselves left in this space -time.

Indeed, many of us carried out other intervention missions at the time, including Atlantis and Lemuria, and part of the reasons for our work today, is to repair the damage done in this timeline. Some have been stuck here for nearly 30,000 years, because of the genocide perpetuated by the Orion systems and Necromiton breeds. These same responsible factions who do not wish to take control of the human race today.

Those who at that time had to make the very difficult decision to close the portals (stargates) to protect the other Universes from the Alien invasion, have returned today to recover their lost families and help them break free, and bring this opportunity for liberation to the entire human race.

Many were also incarnated in the time of the Templars, Essenes, Cathars and of course in the time of Yeshua who was a starseed (extra-dimensional consciousness not coming from this Universe, many Indigos / Starseeds come from the same collective) came to prepare this massive mission of anchoring the Christ consciousness on Earth. Of course, the structures of power and domination on Earth have created these erroneous versions leading to the establishment of violent and anti-life religions on Earth, to enslave humans and keep them away from the true understanding of cosmic conflict and hiding that Yeshua did not come from this World. This is the true meaning of his famous phrase in the Bible: “My Kingdom is not of this World”.

The Indigos / Starseeds are gradually reconnecting with their real Kingdoms and missions, and as our missions are revealed to us, the responsibilities that flow from them are proportional.

Indeed, the missions of the Indigos / Starseeds must not in any way feed the ego or lead to any abuse of power over others, on pain of having his mission withdrawn.

There is no question of judgment, in the way that the christic races evaluate the reliability of a brother or sister in office, simply discern whether the individual, once here, and with all the control arsenal mental, will be able to carry out its functions. There are many traps on this path, and the trap of the astral illusion is one of the main ones, strongly propagated by New Age’s Luciferian beliefs voluntarily implanted by the races of Orion and Necromiton who work in the Astral and with the industrial military complex on Earth; and who disconnect the individual from his true mission by losing him in distractions, confusions and illusions.

Indigos / Starseeds seduced by Luciferian illusions or consenting to satanic practices of black magic, as subtle as they are, actually put in danger many of their brothers and sisters of their collective; or even jeopardize the plan or part of the plan, as was the case in Atlantis, with a mission of intervention that failed because of the infiltration of the ego within the intervention forces.

The reasons why the negative races of Orion target the indigos / starseeds, is because they hold an advanced DNA that allows them access to the Kingdoms of the advanced Christ races. Therefore, by using the flaws of the target’s ego, they can access his DNA by his own consent to practices contrary to his true authority, and thus penetrate the spheres of existence of advanced races. For these reasons, the individuals who are part of the initial forces of intervention but who are in agreement with Luciferian or satanic practices once here for a prolonged period, are withdrawn their support and their functions, to avoid any risk of invasion. Respect for their free will is taken into consideration, and this usually happens after several benevolent warnings or warnings, which, if left unchecked, will result in the necessary consequences for the protection of the rest of the response forces. since the individual himself, of his own free will, decided not to feel responsible for it.

When we consciously choose not to feel responsible for our thoughts, words, and actions over the rest of the universe, we place our consciousness under the authority of forces contrary to Liberation and Sovereignty; since it is the responsibility that leads to sovereignty and maturity. Non-responsibility always leads to enslavement and involution, since it implies an absence of Wisdom.

The absence of Wisdom is not compatible with the energy reality of Service to Others and with the possession of a certain “power”, because it can be used to harm and hurt, which is contrary to the philosophy of the Christ races advanced.

Individual and collective responsibility

In reality, our responsibility begins with being individual, but extends by extension to the collective. Whether on the collective of the human race as a whole, or on the collective and the human race, and intervention forces, in the case of Indigos / Starseeds.

To this day, we can no longer desire to work for our own interests, wishing to cling to our erroneous beliefs, our unwillingness to go out of denial and naivety, and above all, to look at our behavior in the face of take responsibility for it, without trying to blame others.

When we seek an outside leader for our own actions and decisions, we are actually immature and still driven by an ego that can be dangerous; because it means that others can take control and press some “buttons” that make us react and act in a certain way that can then be programmed remotely. We do not become a trustworthy individual because we can not control ourselves and understand the notion of collective responsibility.

The ego is always the gateway for negative forces that hope to infiltrate the target through its unidentified or uncontrolled fault. In his emotional submersion or his belief of the moment, the target in reality gives access to his Consciousness and his destiny, to those forces that rejoice at such a “master stroke”. Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware of how they are used to propagate divisive energies within intervention structures and collectives, or more broadly any structure or project aimed at improving human conditions; which in reality is the business, behind, of the negative races trying to demolish the work of the incarnated galactic representatives.

Understanding one’s individual and collective responsibility means understanding that everything we do, in fact, changes past and future timelines. Many humans are still unaware of their responsibility because they are not aware. They are not already responsible for their own lives, so it is impossible to ask them to be responsible for any collective or common mission. They must therefore learn to measure the consequences of their thoughts, actions, and choices on the rest of the universe; and this is the reason why universal and energetic laws exist. All that we send into the Universe comes back to us, and everything must always be rebalanced, it is the principle of Karma or the law of Cause and Effect. It is only in this way that a Consciousness can measure the consequences of its actions, and if it wishes to feel responsible and take responsibility as it should, can evolve spiritually. If, on the other hand, she decides to remain in blame and victimization, then she will remain enslaved to the low frequencies of the lack of maturity and thus of Sovereignty, and maintained in planes of existence corresponding to this frequency of enslavement.

Energy transfer

In this phase of assuming our responsibilities and as the development of maturity and the wisdom that ensues, we move on multiple levels; since this will and this personal work leads to the reactivation of additional DNA strands, which then gives us access to higher levels of understanding of reality, cosmic conflict, and our missions. Each level always comes as a result of a personal desire to let go of certain behaviors that no longer serve our spiritual evolution, and by the Will to make these famous jumps of the Faith.

The jumps of the Faith are those jumps we make in what appears from the point of view of our physical vehicle as being “the unknown”, yet with the intimate conviction and know that it is what our heart and our soul dictate us and that is the way to go. We then do this dive, with the sole support of our inner Faith. This Faith has nothing to do with religion, but it is actually this internal knowledge that we are part of a plan that is beyond us; and our ability to annihilate the ego to hear only the voice of our Soul – which is the greatest asset of the warrior of Light.

Indeed, since the warrior of Light is in the structure of the soul and in particular of his Avatar self, he becomes untouchable by the negative forces that can no longer access him. We can only be accessed once we fall back into our temporary terrestrial identities and their distortions / faults. Some people find it difficult to feel this Faith or doubt it, because they have not been able to turn off the ego in order to switch to Confidence. They are in internal conflict between the ego and the soul and are then in the grip of Fear, mind control, and manipulation. These individuals need to do a profound job on the reasons that led them to lose trust, which usually comes from past traumas, especially for the Christ races that have been persecuted from life to life; and understand that today things are different, and will be different as cosmic disclosure takes place.

On another level, we already feel the sensation of “cosmic victory”, even if from our terrestrial point of view the changes seem slow or non-existent. The difficulty of the current bifurcation pushes us to sometimes be discouraged by fatigue and the difficulty of embodying high moral values ​​in a world so dark and where Satanism is King.

However, things are progressing enormously and many stargates are now secured by positive races, which prevents access to negative races and allows the release of many souls stuck here for a very long time.

New generations of intervention forces are in place to take over and ensure the continuation of our current actions and will have many more opportunities to reactivate, in an environment already anchored by the Christ / plasma light of other Universes of which we can to have today, and with the information available and brought to Earth by those of us who have these missions of reeducation of the human race and assistance to its spiritual development, in a context of passage to a cosmic citizenship.

Advanced Global Mission

The period 2012-2017 was enormously aimed to prevent a maximum of indigos / starseeds to understand their real missions and to propel individuals not embodying Christ values, in public teaching positions in order to bring Indigos / Starseeds straight into traps or slow them down in their evolution. Negative races have taken advantage of this period of early awakening to do maximum damage, and today many people will gradually break out of these inorganic structures that will crumble over time, revealing the impostures and impostors who were behind.

Since 2018, we have entered a new, much more mature phase, where we can presently address more advanced topics, which were previously often rejected. Once again, the Ascension levels are like airlock, in which we have the choice to enter to continue our evolution, or stay on the edge of the landing to stay in our beliefs. Once the airlock has passed, it is our whole reality that changes, according to these new perceptions and integrations, and we must have the courage to modify our lives in consequence. Many are not ready to make these changes, but some of us are, and are in fact looking for understanding of our cosmic context, to be able to get to work and actually do the necessary and required work.

This path requires discipline and dedication, but results in the greatest expansions that a human being can envision. The opportunities are immense in this phase, for each human being, to know the liberation of his Consciousness, of these structures of enslavement, and a life more aligned with his real wishes of the soul.

When we make the choice to let go of those structures that draw our energy, our life force and our life potential; we know a freedom and liberation previously never experienced here. We are able to reorganize our lives based on our current frequency and therefore the highest ID station we have been able to access; and it is very often complete upheavals that occur throughout this Ascension, so that our external reality corresponds to our inner reality. It takes courage, and that is why anyone who blames others for their own lack of courage or willingness to do the required work, will be confronted with the concrete manifestation of their reality based on their negative thoughts and not responsible.

Those who have already embarked on this journey towards empowerment, sincere desire to learn from the Heart, humility, and recognition of this opportunity, will be “rewarded” by multiple signs and opportunities of evolution that will propel them toward leaps of consciousness that they can hardly imagine. The development of our perception of reality allows us to communicate more and more closely with our support teams in other ways, and to feel part of a collective; which allows us to leave the illusion of a life without meaning and without purpose, and especially without any real impact on the rest of the world. Our mere presence here impacts the collective and we are loved and supported. If we could see the massive support present on the other planes, and all around the Earth … We would stop thinking that we are alone with these heavy missions and responsibilities on our shoulders.

This support is increased tenfold now that the numerical as well as energetic superiority of the Christ races, and their recovery of stargates and channels of communication have been carried out, and we can advance with the assurance that our work is not in vain. Each is propelled, according to his own divine timing, to the higher levels of the necessities of his own mission and responsibilities; by events, lessons, situations, which will allow him these integrations; for all that is not integrated by experience can become a source of amalgams, confusion, and food for the ego. Only wisdom is directly connected to the level of the Soul.

Maturity phase

The Indigos / starseeds are now entering a mature phase, usually after several years of spiritual research, to have come to read these lines and to be able to grasp this level of information.

No one can arrive here overnight, and we will live today the positive consequences of our long-term work on many decades.

The new intervention forces, once again, will be able to go faster in their reactivations, because they will be able to directly access information without distortion and having their true frequency.

The interdimensional Councils of the Free Worlds have sent their representatives, who have recently come forward, and the Christ races have resumed the continuation of the Global Mission since 2013, when many of us Indigos / Starseeds began to be propelled into their missions. or galactic reconnection in an accelerated manner.

After these 5 years of development and hardship, those who have managed to keep on this path are now entering a phase of maturity, where once again, new responsibilities will be given to them, that is to say via access to new integrations so that they can fulfill their functions; their reliability and especially integrity could be tested during the preparation phase. All those who had gone down the path of ego and service to oneself, the encouragement of division and the lack of individual and collective responsibility, will generally have stagnated in their evolution; and if they want to continue to evolve, they will have to demonstrate their sincere desire to realign themselves to a more altruistic vision and especially devoid of will to harm anyone, to receive energy and spiritual support. The ability of the individual to recognize and hold his / her own responsibilities is the main quality required to move through these stages of evolution. Without the notion of responsibility, we remain an unstable individual, potentially dangerous for oneself and for others, and therefore not fit to support a common mission.

Get out of the dissociation

To be dissociated is to exist as a certain identity (usually our temporary terrestrial physical identity), and at other times to involve our spiritual and therefore eternal identity.

As we continue to be dissociated, we weaken ourselves energetically because we can not fully embody the degree of Christic Light that we could if we fully embodied who we are in all aspects of our lives.

A true “spiritual master” is one who fully embodies his message to the world, that of its eternal essence, down here, in all its aspects. This process is a long process of dismantling the personality structures here on Earth, which does not mean losing one’s individuality, but simply letting go of the ego’s automatic reactions and our erroneous and limited perception of ourselves and the world. rest of the world. Thus, at each stage of our evolution, we are advised to make the necessary changes to ensure that we embody the values ​​we want to represent, in all aspects of our lives, and not in a compartmentalized way. This is what we call integrity and it is a very important quality to embody, especially for the galactic representatives currently on Earth.

It requires the use of a lot of strength and wisdom, to counterbalance the projections of others, and to embody who we are, without excuses for the discomfort it can provide.

If we accept to let the projections and limitations of others govern us, we submit ourselves to mental control here on Earth and thus to the enslavement structures existing on Earth and in this Universe.

We must liberate ourselves from these structures and this requires a return to our sovereignty and the innate right to exist as what we truly are and not as what society requires us to be by coercion.

It is only when we come individually and collectively to break these chains, that we will be able to know the true liberation, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and cosmically.

May we reconnect with this Universal Wisdom so that it may be returned to all living beings.

May we be the worthy representatives of the neighboring Kingdoms, who came to assist a civilization in danger and the hands of artificial intelligence,

May we not forget who we are, when doubt and darkness will cover us with their long black coats,

and may we wield the sword of truth and wisdom, to fulfill this reason why we have come!

Laura Marie

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