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Some spiritual abilities have the particularity to follow each other. When one appears, it is not unusual to see another time develop another. This is particularly the case of empathy and scanning.

However, there are also abilities that seem isolated, as if they were there by chance and they went with nothing. Generally, we do not know what to do but they are there so we live with. Until the day one understands, until the day when one understands oneself. We discover the reasons for our coming, we accept them and everything takes on a clear meaning.

Be careful, I’m not talking about people with extraordinary destinies. Capacities such as ubiquity or retrocognition are, all things considered, fairly widespread, even if all those who dispose of them do not develop them to their maximum.

On the other hand, transformation and transposition are very rare abilities and it is even rarer for a person to have both.


Ubiquity is the spiritual capacity that allows an incarnated person to project energy doubles of themselves on other planes, even in our material world but in his body.

It is in fact an increased facility to manipulate and model the surrounding energies to be able to exist in consciousness in a multidimensional way. Concretely therefore, whoever has this ability can project into the astral zone of his choice while being fully awake here (if we can say). It is not therefore an astral journey.

This is relatively easy to achieve. On the other hand, it is more difficult to create an energetic double that seems made of flesh.

It can take the practitioner years to achieve this if he is not born with the opportunity to do so. Developing this ability in this sense is also quite rare. To materialize the energies is to weigh them down, to anchor them in the matter.

It is more common to be able to give others the illusion of being in front of them, without being able to touch anything! We can seem translucent for example.

Nevertheless, to walk or to project in the astral is not done in the greatest discretion. We are all connected to one dimension. This is our original plan. It differs according to the people and especially according to our dark inclinations, intermediate or luminous not to mention our spiritual level.

When we have a high spiritual level and come from a dimension in which we do not need to monitor our backs, energy displacements are not a problem.

But if on the contrary, you are astrally poorly surrounded (it happens), it is likely that ubiquity is for you the way to grow spiritually through the more or less friendly meetings you will make and the way you manage. It is a bit like mediumship in this sense. You can project yourself, but you will have to be careful not to be followed and parasitized when you call the energies to you.

One last thing, when you project yourself energetically next to an incarnated person, even without seeing you, they will feel your presence if you do not have the faculty to disguise yourself.

Those with a truly high spiritual level are also able to energetically act on everything around them without experiencing any discomfort. For others, it will be a learning more or less tedious.


Retrocognition is the spiritual capacity that allows the possessor to know the energetic past of an object or being incarnated by touching it.

We understand why some people live like a gene. Especially as the fact of wearing gloves permanently does not affect this faculty.

However it is possible to manage it. On the one hand, it does not show up unexpectedly in everyone. Those who suffer from failing to master should try to meditate for fifteen minutes each morning to refocus their energy and strengthen the bond that binds them to Being. This will help them greatly. Moreover it is possible to gently amplify the effects of this exercise with a small rock crystal that will keep in his hands throughout the session.

On the other hand, this beautiful faculty can allow those who dispose of it to smooth the walls that seem to exist between the dimensions. They are able to “read” beyond time and space and can go back a long way as long as they are facing an ancient object.

For example, they can communicate with centenarian living beings, such as trees. Trees are the guardians of the memory of humanity. He who has this ability can learn a lot by coming into contact with the spirits that live in the trees or even the rocks or sand of some deserts.

One never thinks of it, but retrocognition is the ability to trace the whole thread of a civilization when it is well used.

Hence the interest of controlling it.

However, it is obvious that here again, the spiritual level of the practitioner will play a lot. For example, you need a level high enough to have the strength to plunge into old energies charged with a story not always beautiful. Touching the pyramids would not be beneficial to those who see far away but have no control for example. These are usually too sensitive and not very confident.

For most of those who do, however, this ability develops slowly and in a way that does not cause too much hassle. Alas, this does not prevent unpleasant surprises on occasion, the loving soul warn us of dangers that we do not perceive consciously.


Transformation is an ability, as I said above, very rare. Only develop people with a particular level and spiritual background.

These people have a strong spiritual role, which often leads them to be leaders. They generally have very difficult life courses and go through unusual difficulties in a solitude that they must manage in spite of themselves.

This spiritual capacity is regularly observed in some esoteric groups who have developed techniques (including drugs and trances) to control it. But in a more classical way it is particularly observed in people with many and very developed spiritual capacities.

Transformation is one of the attributes of the shaman, the sorcerer or the one with unusual knowledge and technical facilities. In other people, this ability rarely develops or not at its maximum.

The capacity for transformation enables an incarnated individual to appropriate the qualities of an animal or entity of his choice, in a conscious manner and with the support and agreement of this animal or entity.

With the work, this capacity makes it possible to project double energy energetic almost material in the case of a transformation into animal. He who acts thus will have his own power, more than that of the one whose appearance he has taken, and above all the characteristics.

In practical terms, this ability can be used to deceive or communicate. It all depends on who uses it. Some will take the opportunity to fight and develop their power for example, when others will increase their wisdom, develop healing techniques or help their neighbor as they help themselves.

The possibilities of action are very wide and know only the limits of the one who acts.


Transposition is the rarest spiritual capacity there is. Concretely, the one who disposes of it is able to embody the Source itself in a conscious way during a more or less long period of time. It increases with practice however.

This gift is found in very few people. These were born with and had nothing special to do for it to develop.

Transposition is not acquired. It is in each of us in reality, but I repeat, few can develop it.

It never gets under control but is not dangerous for the one who has it. This one is besides surrounded by a guard of impressive astral protectors who watch over him and help him in his developments.

Transposition is accompanied by the constant feeling of being pushed by something unidentifiable in itself, to which you are obliged to obey. These are not binding orders but rather wishes to be realized.

Some are personal. But the purpose is not.

Transposition allows prophecy. Crystallia

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