It is important to care for one’s own sensitivity, which is often exacerbated when you live with your twin soul …

The attraction is strong like that of two magnets in presence but at times the polarities of their magnetic fields reverse without warning. Doubt then appears. Is the one? she? Am I mistaken, all certainty is falling and it is mental confusion. To avoid tearing and not hurt the susceptibility of the other, it is best to take time away. For example: take a bath with essential oils when the other is in front of the TV, have one or two regenerative activities separately. All this gives the heart time to express itself despite our doubts and fears.

Drop all judgment on the other, suddenly on oneself. Welcome the magnifying mirror effect. Involuntarily, by its mere presence, or words, a twin soul will awaken the specter of all your wounds whether they are identified or not: surrender, betrayal, rejection, humiliation, etc.

Twin souls often have a common project. This project is emerging little by little as they advance on the same path of life. As long as they advance towards their soul and not their ego. The latter separates them for sure if they do not learn very quickly to master it. Often the ego of one expresses itself when the other tries to contain oneself, but the two boil strongly. Sometimes it’s the explosion. The advantage is that everyone’s shadows are highlighted. It is not very beautiful to see but the other is also an aspect of oneself …

Sleeping poorly next to each other is common especially when you are in the process of evacuating emotional blockages. This is the case around full moons but sometimes even new moons. The effects of celestial alignments are felt x10 by twin souls. With two they constitute a big channel of the energies sky and earth and are often solicited without their knowledge (on the energetic level). The night as the day. It is not surprising that they meet on a dwelling near a vortex or that they attract a telluric chimney, which will tend to accelerate this phenomenon and generate mental fatigue.

To understand that the other also becomes hypersensitive in our presence helps a little, that explains some reactions of the ego. It is more difficult to control in the presence of a twin soul. Despite all this is not the fault of one or the other, it is simply confusing at the beginning. This pushes us to rethink our lifestyle, to better listen to his heart.

For the rest I think that each couple is different and has a lot of surprises to discover. In a twin soul relationship the question is not to choose between one’s life before and the other but between who one is and who one would like to be in the deepest of oneself. It is a transformative couple who brings to light all that is not settled.

From there we are more serene about our choices and we can verify that we are in this process or not. It’s up to you to find out because you can never know if someone is in this kind of relationship. Free will oblige!

When we cross a twin soul we are not necessarily ready to live a deconstruction of the old and multiple dark nights of the soul. Yet this is what happens when both beings start a life together. You tell me, how long does it last? it stops as soon as we focus on the present moment and it starts again as soon as we shift … to infinity. Let’s say it’s an accelerator to pay off your karmic debt and move on to another life experience.

Otherwise, the practice of chi gong, tai chi, yoga and regular meditation (daily) can accompany the process. These activities help you to see things more clearly. But these are only personal methods I think you will have to find your own way of course.

If this text speaks to you here are readings and films that could possibly help you:

“The dark night” of Saint John of the Cross.

“The ardent flame of love” of Saint John of the Cross.

Some movies:

“Marie Madeleine” by Garth Davis, with Joachin Phoenix (historical drama)

“The Choice” by Ross Katz (comedy, romance).

Good road to all! AurĂ©lie D’Arcadie

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