In order to avoid getting lost in the tumultuous waves of life, it is essential to have a daily practice allowing us to cultivate and nourish the connection to our soul, as well as to accept with love and without judgments that falling does part of our “apprentice-wise” and harmonization process. It may be useful to substitute internally the words “I fell :-(” by “I learned :-)”. For unless our energy is fully turned towards self-judgment, every time we fall, we learn something and every time we get up, an extra step is taken on the scale of our ascent.

Along the way, we learn to identify less with the emotional states and thoughts that punctually cross us. Thus the process becomes less and less dramatic.

However, as long as we live in a world like ours and will remain identified with form, there will be difficult moments …

The main cause of suffering comes from our identifications and our attachments to them (for example: the good mother, the therapist, the light worker, the exemplary employee, etc.)

In fact, even beyond the soul – which, too, is part of the world of form – we are “Pure Spirit”, pure unchanging, eternal and infinite consciousness.
In truth we are the backdrop against which our various interior landscapes are projected. Whatever the state we are experiencing: Joy, Love, connection to the soul where still confusion, anger, sadness or dismay, the canvas remains unchanged.

Suffering ends when we understand and integrate that whatever happens inside us, what we truly are never affected. Then we will be able to go through the pain, the sadness, the anger and all the emotions inherent in our dual world, without suffering.

When we reach this state, thoughts, emotions pass like clouds in the sky without clinging to it, and then leave it with an immaculate azure … As it has, in fact, never stopped ‘to exist.