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Hello everyone,

Living in a family of non-awake ones can be, depending on how one sees things a blessing and a gift from heaven, or a heavy burden to bear. And even sometimes, a bit of both.

Let me explain, when you go on a spiritual path you open your mind to another level of consciousness. The way you look at yourself, at Life, and at others changes completely. You learn that Life, the Great All is governed by certain laws and that you yourself are co-creator conscious or unconscious of some of your experiments.

You understand the principle of duality (understanding does not necessarily mean accepting, I am talking about the personality, not the soul, because here again there are things I could never join in my case), the notion of good and bad is an experience you have chosen to achieve before incarnation … .soit.

Without shadow, no light. Without light, no shade. Simple equation.

(Thanks to God) the Earth is ascending. The light chasing the darkness + the vibrations of the planet increasing more and more and this INEVITABLY (the sky is praised), + masses of people awakening more and more (Glory to God!) = + Of light (Hallelujah!)

However, the shadow resists and attacks the bright. There follows a little struggle where the bright are not to use the same weapons of the old energies to fight. Cultivating faith, self-confidence, life, peace and staying in love is a necessary job. I remind you that it does not mean to accept everything and turn the other cheek, quite the contrary! It is also and ESPECIALLY to be RESPECT and not give way to the fear, nor to the TERROR !!!!

Great upheavals are taking place, because to rebuild everything, on better bases and thus to awaken the consciences, we are facing challenging events on our way and in our current system.

For example, to build new businesses, the businesses of tomorrow, current businesses, those with all the power and using people as pawns on a chessboard to enrich a tiny number of people, must collapse. Current companies (those who are not in the light) who collapse = + social plans and bankruptcies = + difficult conditions and pressure = + burn out = – job = + unemployed or people who crack .

+ of unemployed or cracking people = + of “free” people to choose what they REALLY LIKE, and for example, to put themselves at their own expense, or to launch projects that they would never have dared to do if they stayed in their businesses.

This is just one equation among many others because the universe uses all kinds of means to get you somewhere.

When you are not awake, such situations are real disasters, you endure them and position yourself as a victim. When you are awake you understand that it is all part of the Plan and you are taking control of your destiny.

The same is true when you live in a family of unawares. You chose it before coming, and it was the Plan that was designed for you.

One day, a psychic told me that it was not for nothing that there was no one around me that I could trust, and that I would help many people around the world.

I understood that she was talking about my blog. Even to her I did not dare to talk to her about it. I started this blog long before that, because it made me feel good to write and share the things I was experiencing. And that’s still the case today.

Moreover, when you grow up near people who have not done work on them and who project all their fears, their worries, their malaise and their fears on you, it asks you for extra work and necessary confidence in self, faith and trust in Life. And sorry. Because you want them to have told you or do certain things. But it makes you stronger later.

I do not say it’s easy, because it’s very hard on the contrary. And even today, I get angry, I lose patience and it still affects me when I entrust my projects to my relatives, and that lack of encouragement I hear only: “but you’re sure? you will not succeed! But why do you want to do that? Do it rather or go there or do it like everyone else: do it here and blah and blah and blah.

Only today, I know that if I react in this way it is because I have to work more the confidence that I have in me, in my capacities and my intuitions. I must also accept that my loved ones are not awake or open to certain things and that they do not apprehend Life in the same way as me. And that’s not their fault. If they have to wake up they will wake up, the Universe will take care of it. Because for the moment the trust I have in Life, they do not have it yet.

One equation among many others …

I kiss you =) source

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