Hello everyone,

Throughout our spiritual journey we ask ourselves various questions. Who are we ? What is our place? What is the purpose of our existence on Earth? Or the eternal question: what is my mission?

Sometimes answers will come by searching, experimenting, feeling, and other times will always remain the same question mark.

What I learned from reading is that I am on Earth to experience and reconnect with the Source. Answer that only satisfies me half.

Quite honestly, experiencing duality is something I do not appreciate.

When I look at the world and tell myself that I have to accept what is, I do not find it.

This inevitably causes suffering and misunderstanding. You are floundering on the spiritual sites / blog that to change the world outside of you, you have to start by changing yourself by positive thinking, meditation, the law of attraction and everything else. the blah.

It does not interest me either to be perfect spiritually and to be of infinite and unlimited wisdom. I have an ego that highlights good and bad aspects of me. It challenges me, it is sometimes painful, but it helps me to progress. Sometimes he gets the upper hand, sometimes he is on the backburner and other times we sit side by side. He is there and he also teaches me who I am. I accept it and do not make it an enemy.

I also read that the feeling of being alien to the world came from the fact that one did not accept one’s incarnation. So, yes, indeed, if I had the choice, many times I would be elsewhere. And I do not want to feel guilty about that feeling, because that’s what it is, and there are things I will never accept.

Whatever I change in myself, I do not find myself in any of the molds or formats that society imposes on me. The choices that society makes for me are not MY choices.

I do not want to do a job that I do not like, in which I do not feel free, and that do not bloom, to have the security (fictitious) of a CDI and the receipts of regular money that would bring me some comfort. I do not want to buy and own for the moment, I like to be free of my movements. I do not need to possess a lot of material things to be happy (even if it’s better with).

I do not want to surround myself with people with whom I do not have deep exchanges, benevolent as well as real affinities. This limits the number of people I regularly meet with very few people. I do not want to get married and have children right away, while most people around me do. I want to do it when someone makes me want and I’m ready.

I do not want, under pain of being single, to go out with anyone and multiply conquests. I’m not made for that and it does not interest me. I need to have a deep spiritual connection with someone to feel good. I would never be satisfied and happy with someone who would fill a void that I do not feel.

I do not need to have one-night shots, because my sexuality and my way of feeling the sexual energies has nothing to do with the traditional way of doing things. Sexual energy remains an energy and the body a simple way to experience it. I am able to have a fulfilling and powerful sexuality (in terms of energy) without a physical relation as we hear it because it happens at a level where the body is no longer useful. Especially since I do not use this energy for my only pleasure. Sexual energy is a sacred energy that creates, purifies, diffuses love and heals among many other things. There is also what is called sexual magic.

It does not interest me to spread my life on social networks because I only open myself to very few people. It does not interest me to post tons of selfies either. I understood that seduction and pleasing only brought me an ephemeral well-being. Obviously it’s nice to please and it’s human, but I realized that the most difficult and important part to do was to love oneself first.

But I also learned that the way of expressing my femininity belonged only to me, regardless of people’s look or judgment. I learned that my body belonged to me and that I was free to do what I wanted as long as it made me happy and helped me to love myself more. And sometimes a single flattering look was infinitely more valuable than a thousand other looks.

It does not interest me to do like everyone else because everyone does it like that when it does not look like me.

I realized that the only interest I gave to my life was to feel useful for something. There is something bigger than me, which still fits my personal ambitions, and makes a difference (even if it’s a tiny one and it’s not revolutionary).

I understood that it was necessary above all to listen to each other and follow the impulses of his heart. To go out in such a street, to go to such a place, to call such person, to buy such an object, to say such thing to X or Y, to realize such project, to post such article, are so many small messages that my heart / soul sends me. I do not always understand immediately why I say it or do it, but I feel like a kind of urgency inside that pushes me and tells me it’s right. It always starts from the inside. (The times I listened to voices and channeled I do not know who, I got fooled, they only say bullshit most of the time, even in some telepathic messages there were weird things. not low astral because these are very well formulated messages that seem rather wise, but in the end there is a lot of bullshit anyway and requests a little shady!).

It was a long time since I had more inspiration to write and I listened to myself. Because I do not see the interest of feeding my blog just to traffic if I have nothing to say.

I think that in my case, I have long sought the meaning of my life before realizing that it was for me to make sense of it.

And that’s what I work for every day, listening to my desires and making me happy.

Because the most important for me is my wellbeing above all, and to do good to others / the world by doing what I like to do.

Because in the end, saying that the world is an illusion and everything is perfect, it makes me feel depressed.

If I’m here and alive, it’s a good experience.

Feeling / being loved and loved is one of the most wonderful experiences one can do on this Earth. It is also what gives life its meaning.

Without love, life is not worth living.

And I thank Heaven for having felt at times moments of love in my heart or for having been surrounded by beautiful bubbles of infinite love that came from I do not know where I had lost sight of.

Nothing is more important than love. The one we have for ourselves, the one we put in our eyes, the one that pushes us to achieve things, the one we give to people, like the one we receive from people we hold dear or unknown.

The things made by / with love are the most important because lead to the greatest achievements from an individual point of view as a collective.

The things done by / with love can only do good, can only make us happy, can only bring the fulfillment and fulfillment of who we really are and allow the construction of great and beautiful things.

The world will be beautiful only when everyone in it understands that love is the answer as much as the solution.

For individual well-being will create collective well-being, just as collective well-being will nourish individual well-being. But to do so, we must already begin by achieving peace in itself.

So in this case, yes, let’s start with “loves me”. By doing things we love, realizing our projects, creating our businesses, innovating, surrounding ourselves with people who bring us and raising us, turning our gaze to things that inspire us, bringing new ways thoughts, new concepts and new ideas to the world. Or simply by continuing the work that some have already initiated.

To trust in the power and magic of love, to realize the dreams we carry in our hearts, to respect life, our neighbor, to love me, to understand that we are all interdependent and that the well being of one impact collective well-being, cultivate peace and live in conscience these precepts, that’s the path of ascension.

I kiss you =) source

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