My beloved ones,

I greet you with joy. Let’s talk about spirituality and money.

Through earthly history, embracing the state of poverty was considered a virtue. Most of you have experienced many expressions of life in which you have adopted the vow of poverty as a spiritual expression.

You are spirits who have been reincarnated again and again on earth, in the service of the higher cause and to assist humanity in its evolution. For many millennia, this illusion of separation has existed between the world and the domain of God / Spirit. As we have indicated, it is because of the dual nature of your world that this appearance of separation has existed. It consists of a deep-seated belief that to truly serve one must give up all material desire.

There are reasons for these austerity programs that have taken place throughout the history of the earth. The frequency of your planet was so low then, that it was difficult to achieve spiritual advancement while remaining in society. Thus the most enlightened among humanity established schools of mystery, exclusive sacred communities, monasteries as safe refuges in energy security. They were isolated hearths or, because the energy environment was of higher frequency, spiritual advancement could flourish without interference from the lower energies of the outside world.

For what reason and under what virtue did the servants of the Spirit so often take this vow of poverty? My beloved ones were to protect the spiritual initiates from the lower energies of the world, which were judged to be corrupt and impure. By renouncing the world, the initiates would be safe from the temptations that this one presented. The vow of poverty, in essence, served to protect the initiates against themselves and their impure desires. As you know, among those who ruled these spiritual institutions on earth, this vow of poverty has been abused. While the initiates kept their vows, this was not the case for their superiors. In the upper ranks of some of these institutions, great fortunes have been amassed. “Do what I say and not what I do” applied very well in these cases.

The truth is that there is nothing virtuous about poverty in itself. The vow of poverty, in the course of an expression of life, was made to promote spiritual expansion. All of you have made this vow of poverty to serve better, during these expressions of life. The choice to live in poverty in itself will not make you progress at all. In higher plans, you do not necessarily receive greater rewards than the one who amassed a large fortune. There is nothing bad or harmful about owning money or material things. On the contrary, having money to work is necessary in your world. Owning money can make your spiritual journey easier. You can also offer better service and help others as well.

A vow of poverty, in present times, does not serve much; unless it is a personal need for your own evolution and your journey. My beloved ones, in these new energies, you also do not have to feel obliged to do what had been decided previously. It is no longer necessary to be afraid of your personal reaction to temptation. You do not have to accept falling back into the energy of fear. You are free to change your mind about choosing a method for your spiritual development. You are also free to choose that this development be accomplished in elegance and ease, rather than in suffering and difficulties. This vow of poverty that all of you have taken during other expressions of life, or perhaps even in this one, is absolutely useless. It will only serve to keep you in the past and in the old energies.

The notion that poverty is virtuous does not come from the God Father / Mother, nor from any higher realm
. Especially at this moment, it is very difficult to live without money. You can not live by working the land, as generations of humans have done in the past. The Father / Mother God of whom you, me, and all that exists is not the author of the suffering, lack, and absence of basic necessities in an existence. All He wants is absolute joy and happiness for every portion of His creation. Of course, free will has been given to you, and even the Father / Mother God can not interfere in your creations. This inheritance is a gift and a divine right: to co-create with the God / Spirit. Whatever you think, it will manifest itself through electromagnetic waves of frequency.

It is the power that has been given to you, and it can not be otherwise on your plan. If humans, collectively, have decided to put into place a belief that dictates that it is divine to be poor, then they avail themselves of their right of free will.

The energies are now changing. And you – those who have incarnated have appealed to our energies to us, higher realms – to help you change the beliefs so deeply buried in your planetary consciousness. We would be unable to do this, if it were not for those of you who worked so hard to raise your own frequency. We can not intervene directly on your plan and change the nature of your creation. We can help you and work through those of you who are able to receive our frequency.

It is you who have chosen to free yourself from the vow of poverty. It no longer serves you and belongs to the old energy. However, this belief that poverty is virtuous and divine is still very much present in your planetary consciousness. That’s why some of you have tried very hard to get rid of it, but have not quite succeeded.

Now that you are entering a new energy, it will be possible to completely free yourself from this vow and to align yourself with the frequency of abundance and prosperity.

My beloved ones, it is important for you to realize consciously that you must free yourself from this vow again, in this now. You must realize fully that you no longer live in the old energy. Things have changed ; they will not be what they were. We also work together, my beloved ones, within this group.

We erase some of these deep-rooted beliefs in your planetary consciousness, which cause breakages of connection and block the energy-free flow of your thoughts. As each of you frees yourself once again, individually, from their vow of poverty and allows me to transform it, you will help others to do the same.

Within the new energies, your goal is to align yourself with the frequency of love and joy. No one here is really happy about missing something. If you had such a state of joy, you would not need or even want to be part of this group. You are unable to rejoice when you can not pay your bills, when you do not have enough to eat, when your car needs fuel. Your spiritual journey does not benefit, if you do not have these things. On the contrary, when you encounter such survival problems, it is much more difficult to evolve spiritually. It is time for you to finally free yourself completely from all the vows of poverty taken in the course of multiple lives.

I would like you all to take a moment to release this wish once again. To do this, you can use the following statement if you wish, or you can use a personal statement.

What matters is that this gesture of liberation comes from the heart and from the depths of your being

. Unless your intention is real and honest, the release will not be complete.

Remember, my beloved ones, that you are in a space of new energies, filled with possibilities to infinity.

What would not have worked before will succeed now, because you are in a new energy.

Ritual to renounce the Vow of Poverty

“Hereby, I renounce all vows of poverty, regardless of the time, place, space or size in which it was taken. I free myself, in love and joy, from all the lower frequency energies which, within my being, bind me a little bit to this wish. I throw them into the Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation. From that moment, now, I accept the energies of unlimited Abundance and the divine blessing of my earthly incarnation. I act thus by my divine right and my inheritance. So be it. “

To say 3 times out loud


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