Since we are on earth for only a very short time, it is no use wasting our energies in search of honours, titles, possessions, and even knowledge, which we will necessarily have to abandon when we leave this world. This is the first thing disciples of an initiatic school must be aware of: when they die they will leave behind all their material and exterior acquisitions.

And once they are aware of this, they try to concentrate on the eternal and indestructible riches they have within, and make them to bear fruit. They thus accumulate precious particles in their subtle bodies, and when they leave the earth, they go directly to the very regions where they picked up these particles.

For there is a law – called the law of affinity – that says if you attract within you an abundance of luminous particles, one day you will inevitably go to the regions of light where they came from. You will be introduced into the celestial regions by these very elements, and will live for an eternity of joy, discovering the splendours of the universe.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov