Good evening to you.

I had a very strange dream before this message. It is recurrently that in my dreams, I am transmitted information on the Earth, on events to come or in progress. I’m not the only one to make this kind of dream, and I wondered about the rather petrifying information received, I must say.

I got up with a strange feeling and a certain sadness. I was with my darling in an unknown village and I feel the fear around me people who are moving and running everywhere. We are there, hand in hand and we do not understand what is happening and where we are.

We are propelled into a floating white capsule, a kind of construction hut, coming from nowhere. There are small windows and we look outside what’s happening there. I see soldiers, an army of soldiers running and coming on us. We are surrounded by soldiers and what I hear scares me … Nobody will get out, they will all die and there is no way out.

We are new among these people and we know that we can hide, bury ourselves for example, but no one sees us, does not hear us. I see my friend Jessica in the crowd, helping another person. We say we must prevent it, but she already knows …

(Jessica is a medium, a person I particularly love and who is simply a beautiful light on this earth, a guide, a soul love.

We continue our journey and we strive to find a way out of this nightmare (roughly). Following this dream and a personal exchange with Jessica, it turns out that she too dreamed of wars.

Follows the message of Gaia …

Hearts of children, hearts of insolent and ignorant, you grope in your well-structured lives. As a mother today, benevolence is up to date. I can not act as if I do not see anything, I can not silence the words locked up, I am overwhelmed.

I hear so much vulgarity, it’s a reality. I know that all those who work for the good of humanity have this strength in them to believe in you, to the best of you, but there is still a reality that can not be hidden.
Inside this booth propelled in time, you witnessed, Amalia, what will soon be a reality. Somewhere on Earth, the assaults will be given, the population stuck, she will be trapped.

“Eliminate Weeds”, that’s what is said, and nascent and existing structures are in place to shave some places, some populations. I do not want to scare you, but you know, like me who carries you, that you are capable of massive destruction despite the spread of light as a great wave is coming. For years, this wave is in preparation and will immerse you with its powerful energy to reshape the human in its own way. You are at the source of this realization, but for that, one must be aware that many of you will disappear … The reality is this one.

Do not be ignorant and hide behind unsuitable, inappropriate words or behaviors. You are what you are, but it is time to end certain behaviors. The wave is near and will break everything in your way, like a deafening noise that will strike the humanity. Long minutes of silence, loss of consciousness, you will be immersed in a different dimension, the gardens will rebuild and the human will take its place differently, without anger and duality, perversity and malice. There is separation of worlds and for your good.

Many have “chosen” to transit before the great dance of the Earth, of the universe, out of fear, cowardice, and incapacity. Many, you have been to this day leaving the mother ship for other distant experiences, because you could no longer adapt to the energy in place. The selection is tough and many mass starts are yet to come. Do not hide, remove your masks, no more room for cunning, injustice, the high price is paid everywhere, and in everyone. Nobody is spared and believe me, even those who have done well despite their despicable actions will soon be tipped. Souls are recalled to give way to renewal, to light, the war will win with coldness and noise, but it will win.

My words are sharper than usual and believe me sincerely to deliver my thoughts as well, but I can not do otherwise.

The water will purify, the earth bury and renew to fertilize, the wind to dispatcher, to clean, the fire to shave, to burn, to annihilate the countries. The battles are already present, but will grow in the near future, the blood will flow and flood the landscape sometimes, but it is necessary to accomplish this change as well.

Pillars of light will be erected to show you the way, they are in place for some and others are preparing to take place so that when the dark night of the bloodied humanity comes, the divine breath can lean on the pillars erected and then weave his canvas of light, his safety net. Understand what you want in these words, but integrate well one thing … You are insolent children and the harshness of the lessons does not come to do its deep work. So by the harshness of my words, I pass on to you what is.

Gaia, I am Gaea and despite the sweetness and love I have for you, I have already expressed my displeasure and my anger at your abusive and childish behavior for some. You get sick? You do not hear? Are you in physical pain? Do not be surprised … I pass on to many of you through your dreams the coming battles, the nascent wars, the meetings that turn into a nightmare, the crowds that crash, the land that rises … Many of you to sweat at night, to want to run away, to vomit, to no longer exist because the harsh reality is that your world is going badly and that “terrorists” of all kinds, including your government, are gleefully taking what they have to take leaving you without any hope of living decently.

Anger has invaded you and madness has set in. What you see in your movies is your reality. Take off the nose of your screens and you will see the same thing outside, everywhere.

Red alerts are put in place all over the world for your guides to help you, so that the nature beings try to make you find the reason and hear … But for most of you, it’s over … The game is over. We do not live in the hope of living better, we live, we do, we act in the matter. We do not spend our time hoping for anything … I’m not angry after you! Whatever a little bit anyway. I know how to express my gratitude, but the strength is also to express a reality, facts, without turning around words lightly to cover everything and cloud your minds. The reality is that … there is urgency, you are in a state of emergency and every human being has to wake up.

The zombie mass still wanders on the roads too many and misplaced, we say stop at that. No more lies, no duality, clean, harmonize, awareness, love.

I would have warned you too much about your future. Admittedly, there will be a changeover, but this one will be done not without harm … To you to see what is your place in the plan of life.

I love you, every one of you, I love you, do not believe otherwise. As a mother, I also know how to correct you, to improve your mental and physical health, but sometimes that is not enough.

Many children arrived on Earth and left many. Like lights, they arrived, engendering joy and love within families. Their departure has provoked so much anger, suffering, but understand that these souls have chosen to come to shake you, their goal is to allow you to question what is above you. I know that sounds ugly from a human point of view, your emotions are put to the test, but without that you continue to live the nose in your diagrams and your packaging. Then the lights of this world come and go for all of you to look up. The sky is there for you, but you must pass many tests to realize what you have.

What is precious in your lives, become conscious and stop repetitive and useless lamentations. You exhaust your physical bodies, they look like dried banana peels, dehydrated pears … I have nothing else as an example (she laughs …)

Roll up your sleeves and examine what is in you as responsible beings that you are. You are all capable of giving the best of yourself. See how crowds coming together create joy around a sport for example. You find your children’s souls and magically your worries disappear. The game, the joy, the sparkling eyes.

I want to have this every day, because you will have decided that your life is this game that you play every day (and you are not the actor!), By what you decided that the joy is your life, that you are the king of your kingdom and that nothing and no one can come to break your dreams. Breathe and give birth on your own …

When you leave this old body, allow yourself to live a new life and everything will be given to you …

Follow our advice, earthly souls and everything will be fine.
Thank you for being who you are, I love you, Gaia.

Amalia, soul healer