The wood we use to make a fire is said to be dead: branches that are lifeless, black, and twisted.

But once they are alight, the fire transforms them into light, heat and energy.

You might say, ‘We know all this, but what do these branches have to do with us?’ They concern you because symbolically they exist in you as well. Within yourself, you too have accumulated dead wood which is just waiting to be burned.

All egotistical and passionate tendencies, all manifestations of your lower nature are like dead wood. Burn them in the fire of spirit, in the fire of divine love, and they too will produce light, heat and life.

Fire shows us that there is matter to be burned everywhere.

Take a closer look: in churches, candles are burned. If they only serve to give light, since the invention of electricity, there would no longer be any use for them.

Since such a ritual has been maintained, it is a good idea to look deeper into it: just as the wax that burns to keep the flame burning, we too should burn a substance within us in order to keep our inner light alive.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov