In daily life you are constantly solicited by all kinds of activities that represent temptations for you. They all seem really sensible and intelligent, but after a while, you notice that you have been very active without much result other than having lost a lot of time and energy.
This does not mean that you must be interested in nothing but the spiritual life; on the contrary you can be interested in everything, but on one condition: that you cling resolutely to a high ideal – a divine philosophy that will show you how to make everything serve your evolution.

If you hold on to a rope that is firmly attached, you can swing in all directions. But if the knot is not strong or if the rope is worn, you will fall and break your back.

We should always come back to the importance of the link; this is what we must never forget: the link, one which is more and more solidly linked to heaven, and thanks to which you will not fear falling.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov