When you are in thought, it is already as if you were speaking. Your inner words are real, powerful and magical and they are what we call the verb.

The verb is thought that has not yet been translated physically into words, but it is already present in the form of shapes, colours and vibrations. When you speak inwardly with all your soul and heart, the plants, animals, birds and insects understand your language and you are also heard by the planets, the stars and the angels and archangels.
Beings in the invisible world don’t speak using words of a particular language or another, but in colours, forms and melodies that emanate from them, and all of them immediately know how to interpret this language.

One day, humans too will be able to communicate with each other thanks to their emanations alone, and they will understand one another, for the verb is the universal language.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov