When you look at what goes on in the world – all the chaos, injustice, misery and misfortune – you have to admit there is nothing very good or beautiful about it.

To the cosmic Spirit, however, there is no ugliness or evil.

To the cosmic Spirit the universe is a vast harmony in which there is no dissonance. But you can only gain such a view of the world if you look at it from afar, from very high up.
When you are cooking a meal, for example, and you are cutting up, grinding and mixing the ingredients, if these ingredients were conscious, they would incessantly complain about the way in which you treat them.

But since you have a different opinion of the situation and since you know what you are doing, you simply say, ‘I’m cooking a meal, which everyone will enjoy.’ Well, the cosmic Spirit has the same perspective on the events that happen in the world.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov