Have you noticed that the most important things are often the ones we keep for the end?

Ideas that seek to be born, deep and unexplainable impulses, forms of expression that remind us of who we really are …
What we think will have been the most magical, at the end of our lives, is often the first thing that we tend to neglect today. It’s that the little things of everyday life quickly end up smothering big ones, do not they?

Responsibilities and obligations sometimes weigh heavily. The structure becomes so overwhelming that we lose contact with the joy and love that feed it … That’s the feeling I had lately. I ended up with days filled with boring challenges (you know, those challenges that intimidate and do not arouse great interest at the same time …) and worldly concerns. Nothing too heavy. Especially since it was partly to prepare for a long stay in California, a place I love deeply. But I had the strong impression that my life was reduced to a list of things to do and problems to solve.

All his sparkling, gone. Maybe it’s a sensation you have these days? The holiday season can bring us closer to our child’s heart, but it can also move us away from it, with the number of files that must be completed before the holidays and the list of things to prepare … We end up forgetting the goal of purpose. (A little reminder for you and for me: the purpose of the goal, of all our goals, is to feel in harmony …) So, since there may be a moment that you have the luxury of exploring the question, I want to ask you: what is really important for you right now? I am not referring to what is urgent or necessary, but what is not at all, precisely … What your heart tends to when you are not in survival mode. What gives color to your life. And tell me, how could you make room for this dimension in your daily life?

How can you remind your body, your nervous system, that the stakes are not as serious as they seem to be? It is so important to protect your little child’s heart and the flower of your creative energy. The purest and most delicate parts of you need strong, even rigid structures to preserve them. Yes, they need fences, watchdogs and maybe cameras that alert you when they are about to be invaded. Otherwise, the rest will take the place. What is less essential is often the most important. And in the absence of urgency and necessity, we can only rely on the structures that we ourselves have erected to stay connected. This is what I propose in this period sometimes magical, sometimes stressful. Erect fences around what nourishes your soul. Book yourself time to dance in your living room, to write, to revisit what made you vibrate, child. Write “decorate fir-shaped cookies” on your calendar as if it were the most important appointment. By airing your daily life, you will feel that your essence can finally circulate … And you end up with a life as delicious and magical as you.

Have a good day!