What is it that most pollutes our Mother the Earth? Is it psychic pollution created by our thoughts and by our negative feelings, or chemical pollution?

“Certainly, it is psychic pollution! It is the most important because this pollution attacks your Mother the Earth’s subtle bodies and causes immense pain. Your Mother the Earth will work out chemical pollution which, in fact, is more harmful to men living on Earth than to the Earth itself.

“It is your thoughts that cause the Earth to suffer the most. That you must know! It is the emissions of thoughts of sadness, of hatred, and of resentment that you generate which create an egregore …”

“I see it as grayish and sticky-like. It is terrible; it is horrible to see! It is alive! I send Light to it because it is too painful for me to look at! I don’t want to see it anymore.”

Could you enlighten us with regard to the effect of thought pollution on ourselves and on everything around us?

“That is a very good question.

Pollution created by your thoughts is something that we consider very serious, sometimes even tragic.

“When thoughts of sadness, of fear, of worry, of doubt – of these devolutional emotions, distressing emotions – come into your mind, these are given life and they remain. They will increase the gigantic flow of all humankind’s emanations of dark thoughts.

“Not long ago, your emanations of psychic thoughts were perturbing beyond your sphere. We intervened to set up protection between your world and the other spheres of life. That is why your thoughts are returned to you with greater power and sometimes they might destroy you.

“You have to understand the danger of negative thoughts so you can watch for them. We don’t like to use the word ‘negative’, but we will use it for convenience, for comprehension.

“Every thought, every emotion has a reality. It is a child that is born of each one of you. You give birth to millions of ‘children’, you feed them and they grow. Then these millions of children join the flow of other millions of children, born from thoughts of millions of individuals.

“However, it is not always your fault if you think negatively. Sometimes you are terribly subject to the egregore that surrounds your Earth, to this gigantic flow of dark thoughts, of destructive emotions. Thus what can you do?

“It is very easy and very simple. Get used to listening to your thoughts, to listening to yourself speaking. Get used to sending Light on everything that emanates from you which is not Light. Practice as well visualizing your world surrounded by all this greyness emanating from your thoughts, from your mental creations, from your multiple ‘children’, and send Light and Love to all of this. Little by little, you will dissipate the darkness created by your thoughts, you will destroy all these shadows which are unwanted children that you should never have given life.

“It is essential for men today that they work more on controlling their thoughts, their feelings and their emotions. The greatest danger for humanity is a major destabilization ensuing from his mental creations.

“What is very difficult for humankind today is that he is somehow stuck between two fires: on the one hand, the resonance of his creations of thoughts, of his dark emotions, on the other hand, the infusions of gigantic energies which go through him, which transform and destabilize him.

“You create with the darkness. You create with the Light. So now, try to take care of yourself, try to better understand yourself, try to find out what your heart desires. Does your heart desire to permanently watch movies of violence, of destruction, of perversion? Rather does your heart prefer that you watch movies of joy, of love, of beauty, movies where human values are really dominant?

“Ask yourself the question: what is it that really pleases me, what is it that really delights my soul? It is not us who will give you the answer, you will have it! That answer will tell you if you are working for the Light, or if you are still a prisoner of the darkness.”
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