Love is a science, but very few people care to study it. This is why so many people, who go forth filled with good intentions to devote themselves to others having only the word ‘love’ in their mouths, end up after a while disappointed and bitter.

It was inevitable for it was their unenlightened love that put them in deplorable situations, and then they go about complaining that love is the root of all evils.
Inreality , it is people’s ignorance about love that creates misfortune, not love itself. You must try for a long time to connect yourself to God, the Source of eternal life, so that the water in you, your forces, and your energies, can renew themselves continuously.

At first, this exercise might seem off-putting. You would like to love God, but your heart remains empty, you become bored and let your thoughts wander.

But continue, tell yourself that your whole life depends on this connection you are creating with him. Gtadually, you will become so rich and strong that you will be able to help thousands of beings in the world just through the power of thought, for borders are no barrier to waves.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov