All human beings have a certain physical appearance making them recognizable; certain physical traits simply cannot be mistaken. But, inwardly, they have the faculty to identify themselves with all that exists, and that is exactly what they more or less consciously do throughout each day: through imitation, they continually identify themselves with what they touch, see and hear.

As such, we must be vigilant and, from time to time, stop for a moment to ask ourselves with whom or what we are identifying.

Because, sooner or later, we will become those beings and things with whom we have fused.

We must above all seek to fuse with the light so that one day, we truly become this light. If we can use the spark within us, our spirit, to gradually illumine our whole being, we will possess the same power and provide the same blessings as the light of the sun.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov