“When we say: tomorrow, later on, in a certain time, to us these are only words as time has no reality. However we can see events coming, yet what we see are several probabilities for this world which depend on the behavior of all humanity.

We are seeing several roads: if human beings take one road, it will lead to one event. If they take another road, it will lead to another event. Humanity has a choice, yet the choice is limited, as at the end there will automatically be the transition to go through. Human beings have the choice to live in one manner or another depending on their global spiritual growth. They have the possibility to choose a road easier than another one, but the transition will always happen at the end.

If the transition takes place through events that you might consider as terrible, that means the road you have taken is the choice you have made to bring you to this goal.

Know that you have several choices. Then why should we give you the date which would correspond to a choice? At this period of time, if we give you a date, it would correspond to the path taken today by humanity. It does not take much for humanity to take a different path.

You are going to understand the importance of that: sometimes some events are given to human beings so that they can rediscover themselves. These events can help to bring the best, the most beautiful aspects of humanity to the foreground, i.e. solidarity, Unconditional Love and assistance. Hence difficult events may help noble feelings, precious attitudes pour forth from you. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary that men live some events in order that they can reveal themselves to them.”

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