Right now, there is not one person on Earth who has not felt some sort of weird and unexplained physical symptom that makes her uncomfortable.

Many do not understand why this happens, and some go to their doctor to find that they have nothing. For their part, doctors realize that there seems to be a phenomenon of unexplained “psychosomatic” occurrences.

There is scientific evidence that something is happening on the planet that “shakes the apple tree” at the moment, and this evidence comes from a website Russian Web following the Schumann resonance.

What is the Schumann Resonance?

The Schumann resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance named by the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952.

The official description of Wikipedia is:

Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) part of the terrestrial electromagnetic field spectrum.

Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges into the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

As you can see, Wikipedia’s explanation says we’ve had a lot of lightning lately if you read the graphs I’m going to show you.

What happens on the planet actually causes more “lightning” or makes the equipment pick up something else, the scientific evidence shows that something is disturbing or increasing the electromagnetic frequency on the planet.

For thousands of years, Schumann’s resonance has been measured at 7.83 hertz or shallow peaks, depending on the number of storms on the planet at the time.

The Russian website is one of the only public websites that publishes daily data on current Schumann fluctuations.

The reasons for this situation are unclear, but seem to indicate that it is a question of keeping the data out of the public eye.

How does Schumann’s resonance affect humans?

As a spiritual being merged with a human body, we also merged with the consciousness and energetic composition of the Earth when we were born in a human body.

To stay in step with the composition and frequencies of the planet, the human body has a system of self-correction that can be recalibrated to the environment when needed.

However, when the auric field of a human is not synchronized, it is difficult for the emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies to synchronize with the physical body and the frequency of the Earth.
At the same time, a frequency burst of the Earth’s magnetic frequencies can upset all energetic blockages in the auric field that can cause the physical body to remain at a low or stagnant ELF (extremely low frequency).

Higher frequency bursts are good for brightening the auric field of humans, provided they are done in moderation. For example, if a person is electrocuted from a household electrical outlet, they are more likely to recover than to be struck by lightning.
The spiritual and metaphysical explanation of the increase in the frequency of the physical body is that the higher the frequency, the less dense the human reality.

The goal is to transform the dense and dominant reality in which we live in a way that unifies humanity into a higher consciousness based on love while still existing in the physical body.

This can only be achieved by freeing the energetic blockages of the past and childhood that keep them stuck in creating a recurring illusion of density and helplessness in physical reality.

This will allow the physical body to vibrate harmoniously with the planetary frequency and to have a healthy energy flow inside the body that prevents aging and diseases.

If a human being is stuck in old patterns and beliefs, or if he is lulled by complacency in a low frequency, then an explosion of frequency can do one or two things.

If the person has raised his consciousness sufficiently to realize that something is happening and that he is capable of having an open mind and an open heart, then the person will begin to absorb these frequencies as much and as quickly as his mind and mind allow it.

By absorbing these frequencies, the water in the body begins to vibrate at frequency peaks.

This could cause many unpleasant symptoms, but in the end it is also a testimony that something is really happening on our planet and in our consciousness.
Some of the most common symptoms of these electromagnetic frequency spikes are:

– Hot flashes – as the body vibrates faster, it generates heat.
– Vision disorder, Dizziness (lightheadedness, nausea), Irregular heart rhythm
– Unexplained pains that may persist or mysteriously come and go.
– Ringing in one ear or in both ears. High frequencies, harmonic sounds and / or sometimes temporarily deafening.
– Mood swings when emotional blockages subside.
– Extreme fatigue or bursts of extreme energy depending on the type of frequency experienced at that time and the way the individual faces it.
– More intuition, a sense of knowing or remembering things that guide you through hardships, and more abilities of the sixth sense (beyond touch, taste, sensations, hearing and view).
– Nausea.
– Flu-like symptoms.
– Bowel problems.
– Much more appetite or lack of appetite.
– Anxiety and increase of a feeling of struggle or inner flight.

As you can see, if some of these negatively affected symptoms persist without the person doing anything to help his body acclimatize, it could certainly have the impression that the body would begin to show more signs of depression and could to give you the impression of dying / “leaving”.

In fact, he is purging himself to become acclimated, the way he treats flu or viruses.
If a person is completely unconscious and is not a compassionate and caring human being (or is not at all a human being with a soul), these frequencies will irritate and disrupt and will most likely not be integrated.

Thus, this person will stay at a low frequency and will not benefit from incoming waves of energy.

It could even begin to cause the decline of the physical body because not able to manifest in harmony with the frequency of the planet. Unfortunately, some people are not doing well physically and we are seeing people “leaving” right now (dying).

There is certainly no judgment in this, because some people did not choose to go through this frequency change or simply did not have enough energy to handle it, and no one “dies” really anyway.

They simply move to another frequency outside the constraints of the physical body and go where they need to continue their journey.

How to acclimatize to the body to accept higher frequencies?

There are many ways to help you adapt to energy, but here are some of the most common ones:

– Meditation – not the kind of meditation to connect with astral beings or to have out-of-body experiences. Meditation for peace, rest (letting go) and breathing and concentration on the flow of energy work better, and meditation with open eyes is also good.
– Anchorage – barefoot on the floor, spend time in nature, baths of sea salt, swim, eat solid food, basic.
– Ask your superior (Higher Self / Source / Guides) to help you acclimatize, especially if you suffer.
– Drink a lot of pure / purified water! No fluoride.
– Rest – the body has the odd ability to perform much of its resetting while sleeping or standing.
– Love yourself and take care of your body.
– Smooth exercise – move energy to release blockages and encourage a good flow of energy.
– Complete foods / complete food – as opposed to processed foods or GMOs.
– Massage.
– Listen to your body and do what it takes to feel comfortable.

How to read the Schumann Resonance

Those who are sensitive to energy have been able to correlate when they feel something really different, and look at the graph to see if a “wave” is occurring.
Here is a screenshot of what Schumann Resonance looked like on the Russian site on November 9, 2018:

On the left axis you will see the hertz and on the bottom axis you will see the time in UTC +7.

The upper axis indicates the date. Green shows what I suppose to be normal impulses of electromagnetic frequency. It has been shown that a “white out” (whitening) correlates with thousands of people who can feel the fluctuations with their physical body.

The wider the band of white, the longer the wave is. The one shown here was large, starting around 6:00 pm on November 8, 2018 and spanning several hours.

Looks like the spikes were around 24 hertz. By the way, at that moment, I felt extremely sleepy and my eyesight began to get confused until I could not read very well on the computer.

Here is the same table with an arrow that shows what is the “standard” of 7.83 hertz:

Check out this chart from 9/7 to 9/9 of 2018, where we see that the 9/9 was a big peak!

I realize that these screenshots are a bit difficult to see.

They are intended solely for educational purposes. Please check the Russian website for a real-time chart and clarity.
I do not know how long Schumann diagrams have shown these big fluctuations. If I had to guess, I would say that over the last 40 years it has slowly started to increase more and more, and over the last 6 years it has accelerated as if we are descending a spiral in frequency and intensity until the end of the spiral, where we experienced a knot on the spiral in less time and faster than we went through.

I just picked a few random charts I had saved recently so you could have a fresh memory of what you could have experienced at the time for comparison purposes.

What does this mean?

Frequency means how many wave cycles occur in one second.

1 Hz means 1 cycle per second, 40 Hz means 40 cycles per second.

The amplitude is the size of the vibration, the size of the wave, and the graph shows the frequency variation in Hz and the amplitude using the white color.

It can logically be deduced that large bursts of white color in the electromagnetic frequencies and for long periods of time will affect our physical body!
These energy frequency spikes help humanity to wake up from the charm / comfort that a low frequency can exert on a person stuck in it.

We can all remember a time in our lives where we were hypnotized by entertainment or even slavery in a job we hated because we needed money to survive.

Many people, including of course those reading this article, have realized that there is really something wrong with what is happening on the planet right now.

It is these people who are affected by waves of energy or vibrations, light and sound that will help them to free themselves from the chaos and misfortune in which they may be.
At the “Matrix” level, there is 1% of people on this planet who would like to control the 99% of people on the planet.

They do not have the awareness or ability to move through these frequency changes as someone who is awake, conscious, and has made a conscious choice not to be under control of the system.

Eventually, those who elevate their physical body frequency to a higher level of consciousness will be able to thwart, eclipse and surpass those who wish to control them on many levels.

New understandings, new abilities and higher dimensional connections will occur in individuals who are able to adapt.

As the frequency continues to explode, rest, then explode, we are slowly (but recently at an accelerated rate) “connecting” the physical to higher dimensions, densities, and consciousnesses that are beyond those who have controlled humans for a very long time on the planet.

Frequency changes also help people wake up.
This article is a simplified explanation of the fluctuation of the Schumann resonance showing a correlation with how the human body has experienced this while examining scientific evidence in increasing frequency through graphs found on a Russian site.

It aims to mitigate the fear of change / changes that occur by providing logical conclusions. It is not intended to prevent anyone from seeking medical care or to explain in detail why this is happening and where the energy waves are coming from.

Use your own judgment and do your own research to better understand this phenomenon, and share your experiences so that those experiencing difficulties can use the techniques described in this article to mitigate their coping symptoms.
Finally, in practice to question everything in our reality, here is a note for skeptics.

If, for one reason or another, even the Russian website that provides us with the data to follow is fraudulent, and if there is something different that causes these symptoms as we go through, at least we are aware that something is happening in the world and millions of people are being victimized.

It helps us at least to realize that we need to take care of ourselves in a more holistic way and that we can share information that helps us feel like we’re not alone or that our symptoms are not not psychosomatic.

Many people started working consciously with these energy frequencies years ago and reported what worked best so they could feel better.

These people, including myself, no longer suffer when huge waves break, as we have tried many things and compared our notes to each other.