Those who persist in describing hell as a place where miserable sinners are doomed to eternal punishment do not realize how this belief contradicts the love of God, for God never rejects anyone forever.

This belief also goes against God’s wisdom, because God, who is wise, never lets anything go to waste – in his creation, everything can be used and everything is put to use.
This is another area to explore: the laws of the cosmic economy.

As on the physical plane, the same is true on the psychic plane where unclean elements are sent to a place where they are transformed by certain entities. There is a whole system of pipes from which the purified matter emerges to then travel along other circuits to feed, water and fertilize other unknown regions.

It is not always the same impure elements that accumulate and stagnate in hell, for new waste constantly arrives to replace what has already been transformed. As such, we can say that hell is a place cut off from divine light, but renewed materials emerge from it to re-enter the stream of life.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov