Could you tell us about the importance of forgiveness?

“We would like to tell you that forgiveness is one of the Laws of the Universe. It is essential! It is one of the laws that governs this world.

“On a level such as the sixth dimension, there is no need for forgiveness. This is also the case in the fifth dimension. However, at the beginning, there will still be some misunderstanding, tiny impurities. “The Law of Forgiveness is considerable and necessary !

“Your life depends on forgiveness, firstly on forgiveness of oneself, forgiveness for what you could not say, for what you could not do, for one behavior or another, for one word or another, because you have not been able to love as you have wanted to … Thus, your life depends firstly on forgiveness for yourself. In the end, your behavior is simply evolving behavior.

“An error evolves from the moment you understand it! Once you have understood and assimilated this forgiveness, i.e. being non judgmental on your own behalf (as long as you haven’t forgiven yourself, you are in judgment, you are judging yourself and it is very bad) you can forgive all others.

“No matter what people do to you, you will forgive because you will say to yourself: ‘It is their level of consciousness’ or ‘they don’t understand’ or simply, ‘I pray for them so that they awaken to another consciousness, that Light and Divine Love go through them.’

“Forgiveness is essential in human evolution! There is no evolution without forgiveness !

“What is the most terrible in human consciousness, in human behavior is that there are beings who still can’t forgive people who are no longer on this world! They remain with that heaviness, with that suffering.

“Often being unforgiving because of suffering that some beings have caused you, or being unforgiving because of suffering you yourself have created, generates serious difficulties and great suffering in your physical body.

“That is what we wanted to say about forgiveness. There are still so many many things to say !”
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