So many books have been written to reveal the law of God to humans! But before being inscribed in books, this law was first etched in their hearts. However, every religion is presented as a set of beliefs and doctrines it seeks to impose on its followers.

And not only must they accept them, they are also expected to believe that their religion is superior to all others and that it is the only one that will bring them salvation.

But this is only fanaticism.
Of course, it would not be reasonable to leave humans to their own devices on the pretext they must read God’s law in their hearts, for most of them are not yet ready.

For them to be able to read this law correctly, they must be taught to bring order to their inner world and to master their thoughts and desires, otherwise what they read within themselves will be no more than the product of their imagination or even of their most primitive instincts. The duty of religions is first and foremost to teach humans how to read the law that God etched inside them.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov