Human beings will always be inhabited by instincts and desires, the reasons for their downfall.

But they must not seek to fight or to root out these instincts and desires, for they are the roots of their being, and if they tear up their roots, the source of their life will eventually dry up.

They must only strive to transform and purify these instincts and desires. However, everywhere today, words such as ‘tear up’ and ‘root out’ are more easily understood than words like ‘transform’, ‘transmute’, and ‘purify’.

There is therefore much work to be done in this regard.
When you feel a desire might make you act in a bad way, it is often useless to try and ward it off.

Don’t confront it head on. Instead, seek to rise up to the plane of feelings and thought, of soul and spirit, and then orient this desire in different way.

Every day we must endeavour to purify and ennoble our desires because through their either dark or luminous nature, we connect with corresponding entities and regions in space.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov