Too many faithful see God as addressing humans to dictate his will: ‘Go here, do this and that.’ No, God does not express himself like that and does not give orders. You might say, ‘But does he never speak to us? Does he never tell us what to do?’ Of course he speaks to us, every moment of every day.

He tells us, ‘Be firm in wisdom, love and truth’.

And then it’s up to us to find when, where and how we can best manifest these three virtues.
But many people, instead of hearing this voice encouraging them to work patiently and to perfect themselves, convince themselves that God has given them the mission to convert the infidels, and even to massacre them if they resist.

No, such ignorant people will become monsters. They must know that they have no power over the souls of others, and it is they themselves who are losing their soul.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov