Human beings’ intellect is naturally inhabited by pride, and their heart is naturally quick to react with anger. Pride and anger are two violent poisons that are difficult to neutralize, and yet their antidotes do exist.

The antidote to pride is humility, and the antidote to anger is gentleness.
Gentleness and humility are two virtues that make it possible to find solutions to the most difficult situations. Contrary to what many people tend to believe, those who know how to manifest these virtues are not weak.

For those with a heart warmed by their soul and an intellect enlightened by their spirit, walk on the path of power.

People who believe that cultivating humility and gentleness will necessarily make them slaves or victims are wrong; instead, they accumulate a supply of power that enables them to better defend themselves and gain the upper hand in the name of good.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov