The purpose of the spiritual life is to give birth to the divine principle in our soul. But to give birth to this child, everyone must be both man and woman, father and mother.

As a father, they trigger the process of conception, and as a mother, that of formation: it forms their child and nourishes it.

Genuine spiritualists are therefore beings who are complete: the masculine principle and the feminine principle live in perfect harmony in them, and this harmony makes them creators.

From the spiritual point of view, whether they be men or women, married or not, all human beings who are unable to achieve this harmonious union of the masculine principle and the feminine principle in them are considered as single. Unlike what happens on the physical plane, those who are spiritually single cannot bear children.

Every manifestation in life is a form of birth. On the spiritual plane, a child can only be born from the union of the soul (the higher heart) and the spirit (the higher intellect).

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov