If it is so difficult to define truth, it is because it does not exist as such: only wisdom and love exist. It is human beings’ behaviour that reveals whether they live in the truth, not the theories they present to others.

As for those who claim to seek the truth but have not found it, they must understand that there is actually nothing to look for: all they have to do is progress in love and wisdom each day of their life.
Love and wisdom lead to truth.

Truth cannot be conceived of independantly of the heart and intellect.

If it did not depend on the activity of the heart and the intellect, everyone would discover the same truth.

This however is not the case – everyone, or almost everyone, finds a different truth. Only those who possess love and wisdom discover the same truth.

That is why they basically speak the same language despite their different origins and cultures.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov