“Let us address a subject that you often talk of: ‘cancer’ (we do not like to say this word, yet we do so for better understanding – and by putting lots of Light on it).

Human beings function on several levels. You are mainly conscious of the level of the third dimension. Often, the soul wishes human consciousness to act in such and such a way for greater and faster evolution. However, the human consciousness and the body do not react the way the soul – and often the spirit or the divine – would like them to react. Thus there is duality between the energies from the soul and certain energies from the body. This duality comes from a non-understanding that can generate difficulties in your body.

As you know, there are, as well, all those emotional shocks, not letting go, all that which is trauma that can cause very important disharmony.

We can assure you that this disharmony is not solely or largely due to the food you absorb, to the air you breathe, or to medicines you take . If it was so, the whole population would be very, very greatly affected, since in a family there are one or two people who suffer from this disharmony while the others, who absorb exactly the same things, do not suffer from this.

At the present time, you may notice that there are serious problems with your vehicle of manifestation. Personality (or ego) often does exactly as it pleases. Thus these problems are largely due to the lag between the deep desire of the soul to move forward – because the soul knows that all experiences that you go through at the present time are precious for its evolution – and the human consciousness, which is a little lazy and does not listen to what comes from the depths of himself because he does not want to. Hence, this generates much trauma.

This trauma also comes from the lag of vibration between the energy generated by this wonderful machine which is your body and those energies generated by the soul and by everything you receive from the Universe.

If you are in harmony, if you have totally let go, if you no longer have resentment either for yourself or anyone else, if you let yourself ride the current of the course of life, there is an eighty percent chance that you will absolutely not have any problem of disharmony .

One must simply offer oneself to life, one must simply listen to one’s body, one must simply listen to the little voice that talks to oneself which one does not often hear because one wants to silence it.

One must listen to the voice of one’s soul. From the moment you understand this, not much will be able to affect your vehicle of manifestation .

You have within you the ability to perform miracles. At this level, you are not steady either. What you can do once, you will not necessarily be able to do a second or third time, and we say again: remember that you are living in an energy of dense matter, you are in a very heavy vibrating dimension.

Little by little, you are being lifted, you are very strongly attracted to higher dimensions, and you feel this more and more. Sometimes you feel vertically stretched, you have a sensation of lightness, moments when everything appears possible, feelings of an immense Love, this Love that you can let flow freely to all life. Sometimes these feelings can lead to tears, but they are tears of Love, spiritual tears.

All this shows you that you are in a higher dimension, but matter may call you back to order, in the ‘wrong order’ we say, but matter being what it is, it does not want to change completely, it is not yet ready to completely change its nature and its vibration.

Who controls matter? It is the human consciousness. Who manages human consciousness? Very often it is the ego.

You are very complex beings. You cannot always understand this complexity. If you had succeeded into being much simpler, much less in your mind, you would have had evolving results faster. You function differently. Sometimes the more it is complicated, the more you have the feeling of moving forward. Progress does not happen that way.

Gradually, your vibrational frequency rises, the vibrations of your matter, of your cells and your consciousness rise, even if you do not realize it. Your consciousness is immaterial, but it has a vibrational frequency. Your soul has a vibrational frequency as your human consciousness has a vibrational frequency. Your matter also has a vibrational frequency. Everything vibrates on a different mode, and the aim is to harmonize as much as possible all these different vibrational modes, to raise them to a sufficiently important level in order to harmonize them, and to harmonize all that you are.

How do you get to this harmonization? It is always the same way. First, get to know yourself, know your limits, know your weaknesses, accept that there is still dark energy within you, and accept to let it express itself in order to transcend it. You must also accept that you can totally let go. Do not be indifferent to yourself, on the contrary, be very aware of who you are and of who you wish to become.

Remember that you have an amazing tool which is your thought, which is the life force that is in you, but this tool will respond to your request ON THE CONDITION THAT THERE IS NOT ANY NEGATION IN THE FORMULATION, that the request be made to your divine being or your soul.

In order to harmonize all the vibrational levels in your body, your cells, your soul and spirit, it is necessary that you have much Love for your body, for yourself in your entirety, with high respect for who you are, who you have been and everything you have done during your life experiences, that you have much indulgence for yourself, and indulgence that leads you to improvement.

This is not to say: ‘I did this or that, this is not serious’. It is an indulgence that makes you say: ‘I had this very difficult (or maybe very negative) experience. What did I learn? Can I get the quintessence of this experience in order to advance more quickly, and especially to better understand how I function?’

Pay attention to yourself, if you wish to reharmonize who you are .”

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