There is one word uniting the Creator to creation, a word that also unites all creatures – the word ‘life’. Life is the very quintessence that God, in the beginning, drew from himself to create the universe and all the beings that inhabit it.
Beings and the created universe exist thanks to the life of God.

When some people claim they require proof the Creator exists in order for them to believe in him, one wonders about the degree of blindness and obscurity of their consciousness.

Where do they think this life they see and feel in them and around them comes from? If they meditate on life and its countless manifestations, they will no longer need proof that God exists.

Since life is also a mystery that no one is truly able to explain, as they make their way through this mystery that is life, they will also progress in the mystery of the Divinity.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov