You have loved someone: from the very first moments you experienced wonder, poetry and music.

The mere thought that the other person existed and that you might see them in the street or elsewhere was enough for you.

You were once able to acquire an object they had touched or that had belonged to them, and even if it was something insignificant, for you it was the most precious treasure in the world because it was infused with their emanations: it was like a talisman. Then, you started to see each other and things took their ‘usual’ course, as they say.

At the time, you no doubt tasted other pleasures and joys, but you lost that magical something you had experienced in your first encounters. And it all often ended in disappointment, misunderstanding and separation.
You must understand that maintaining love does not reside in physically possessing someone; it resides in something subtle that, through the other person, links us to the universe and to the beauty of earth and heaven.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov