Buddha Boy Speech (1 of 2) on November 22, 2008

Buddha Boy Speech (2 of 2) on November 22, 2008

Teachings given on 2008/10/22, Second meditation land, Halkhoria, Bara, Nepal

Great grate vehicle that means

I have taken refuge in Great Ampa dharma

I have taken refuge in all monks

I have taken refuge in the sangha

All sentient beings are impermanent

All present things are impermanent

Transitory intellectual form are rich only for appearance. From the creation of human to all sentient beings all are policy of birth, old age, death of the cycle of impermanent existence.

Nobody can stop this. The world knows the present form, past form, Arhat soul form, supreme being form, non being form. These three forms has already made the world unsteady. The true knowledge Maitriya knowledge has not been recognized by anybody. The soul Maitreya knowledge has its own guidance. But the policy of the world is not Supreme Being. It does not change it’s philosophy in its essence. But all philosophy, the philosophy of religion is talking about the same thing. All human beings are unable regarding the religion and Bedha philosophy. Some kept doing some doing following the religion Beda and the whole life was repent. All religious text will find a different one while the same form philosophy. Those who get guidance will be submerged in practical selfish attitude but the glory between soul and super soul will never end. If the maitreya knowledge between the soul and super soul is recognized the wrong karma element of the world can be destroyed. But the world is submerged in its own selfish aim and nobody could keep the search of soul and the super soul in their heart. Today the world is in search of non violence and guidance in the form of kindness and maitreya.

That could not be found from anywhere but today the world is frightened, terrorized and restless by the name of materialism. If this war generation is changed again the world will if that is obtained by the same form philosophy dhyanmarga I have been following. I will bring to light thousands of Buddhist texts, Buddhist guidance through meditation. In today’s world there is the maitreya idea between soul and the super soul that is going thin and slow. The weakness between human beings is getting less respect and less devotion because of kali yuga. Because of momentary happiness the maitri feeling between soul and the super soul has already been forgotten. All momentary addiction form philosophy and material form philosophy will leave religion philosophy one day. But the repentance of whole life will become blue sky form that comes after death. If we have the knowledge of maitri between the soul and super soul because of one’s spiritual power the subtle knowledge can be seen after death. I have gained the guidance of the whole life through hard meditation philosophy. The knowledge that is gained through dedication will be improved in practical knowledge. To liberate all sentient beings as well as to show the world the way to peace, all human beings monk knowledge kem kempo dharma followers I will speak about maitreya knowledge form philosophy. Unless there is enlightened wisdom between all sentient beings, I have already dedicated my life for the helpless sentient beings.

This mahayan or maha Ampa dharma is not only for myself but it is for the liberation of all helpless beings. I have been meditating with lot of difficulty and I have become the Guru of all dharma or the first dharma of all which is srawan dharma. Second from among the dedication dharma Bodhisattwa which means I have become the Guru to liberate all helples beings. Hundreds of Jimphen Buddha means the Maitry Buddha. Hundred Jimphen Semkoi means all the sentient beings who have the feeling of Maitry. The second form philosophy Maha Ampa dharma or mahayan yanik.

While looking at the form philosophy of the whole world from meditation philosophy point of view the instance form will be improved and changed. While changing the whole sentient beings don’t be unsatisfied evil. This is the form philosophy of the whole world which keeps changing. If properly guided, if helpless sentient beings are liberated, if proper guidance for liberation and siddhi is provided for the worldly knowledge the helpless sentient beings the worldly knowledge that liberates the helpless sentient beings this is the non soul maitry knowledge which liberates and gives miraculous power.

Riddi Siddhi may all beings be happy.