There are two methods you can use to progress: love and wisdom. If you meet people who possess these virtues that you yourself have not yet been able to develop sufficiently, instead of avoiding them because you feel they offend you, draw near to them and observe their behaviour: you will learn a lot this way.

There are people who cannot stand the moral and spiritual superiority of certain people, and they have mixed negative feelings about them: irritation, envy, revolt, and so on. But such feelings do not help them, for they only maintain their stagnation.

Only love and wisdom can help us progress quickly. Some people fear that others may outshine them or they are jealous of those who have surpassed them – this simply reveals that they have neither love nor wisdom.

With love and wisdom, we are never worried or jealous: because we feel rich. Why would rich people want to be envious? Only the poor can be envious because they feel helpless.

But obviously I’m referring to spiritual wealth and poverty.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov