Life is the strongest bond there is between a father and his children. Not only do all fathers hope their children will not waste the life he has given them, they also hope they will put it to good use and live a good and meaningful life.

The same is true of God: he gave us life and he asks nothing more of us than to respect this treasure given to us for a period of time.

For it is his life, and he expects us to make it bear fruit by giving it new colours, new scents and flavours.

This God-given life manifests in us through qualities, gifts and virtues, and we will one day be asked to account for the way we have used them. If we neglect to use them, we will lose them.

For we lose anything we don’t put to good use. But if we develop our gifts for the benefit of others, we will be rewarded and will receive even more precious ones.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov