Humans don’t really need a religion or a spiritual teaching to impose laws on them. Above all, they need methods to help them discover the living imprint God has left in them.

Fortunately, they all bear this imprint. And when they truly seek it, it enables them to find, in their heart and soul, what religions don’t always reveal to them.

Why? Because far too many of those who represent religions are more concerned with maintaining their power than with enlightening the faithful, even though they say they lead them on the path to salvation.
How can we understand what God’s imprint is? When he created us, he marked us with his seal, imbued us with his quintessence, and left fluidic traces in us, together with a whole network of filaments connecting us to him, thanks to which, if we make the effort to search for him, we will find him.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov