In practising their profession, many doctors think that calling on the knowledge they have learnt from books is sufficient: they lean over their patient just like mechanics who service a car – and their care will certainly have a beneficial effect. But take a doctor with great kindness and compassion: their behaviour is infused with these qualities.

So when they are with their patients, everything emanating from their eyes, their voice, and their handshake, awakens forces in their patient’s heart and soul that will imperceptibly act on their psychic bodies and even have as beneficial an effect on their physical body as would medicine.
In all areas of life, we see that what emanates from very deep down in people has an effect on the psychic matter of those close to them, and on all those these people in turn come into contact with.

You yourselves have noticed this. Are there not people that you particularly appreciate being with, because simply through their presence you feel better yourselves, you become smarter and more confident in life, and you even feel better physically?

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov